Different Types of Sex Swings

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Adult Luxury Offers You A Selection Of Different Types of Sex Swings.

Are you looking to take the your sex routine to a higher planes of pleasure?  If you could use a bit of literal lift in the bedroom (or living room, or door-frame, or basement dungeon), a sex swing could be just the ticket!  While it’s true that bondage swings at are popular in the BDSM and fetish community thanks to all the  restraint possibilities, they’re also a fantastic choice for partners craving a broader range of motion, more position possibilities, or just a fun play tool. 

Strap in — we’re delving into all things sex swings! From the most satisfying positions to some of the best sex swings for beginners, amateurs and our swing-curious friends,  consider this your go-to guide for aerial action. 


Like most things in life, not all sex swings are created equal. Before purchasing and using a sex swing, you’ll want to determine what kind will work best for you, your partner and your space. Figure out how you’ll mount your swing and if there are any weight limitations. Your sex swing should be easy to install and safe and comfortable to use.

Over-The-Door Sex Swings

The over-the-door sex swing is extremely versatile and easy (and fast!) to set up. It simply hangs over your door and requires no permanent installation — a huge selling point for those who want to be a little more discreet or who live in an apartment, dorm or rental. 

Now to the nitty-gritty. When using a sex swing like this, one partner’s back rests against the closed door while in the swing. Keep in mind that spinning and leaning back won't be feasible, and if the doors in your space aren't exactly heavy-duty (hollow/particle board etc.), you may want to avoid this type of swing altogether. Verdict: over-the-door options are affordable and portable, but they aren’t always the best sex swings for flexibility and positioning. Next!

Ceiling-Mounted Sex Swings

A ceiling-mounted or hanging sex swing requires a bit more installation, but it provides the most freedom and flexibility for finding that perfect aerial “O.” This is a fantastic option for frequent sex swing users who own their own home and are looking for a little more versatility.

Portable Sex Swings

For an easy, out-of-the-box option, you can’t get any simpler than the portable sex swing stand. With no additional hardware needed, this sex swing hangs from a stand that can be folded or taken down when not in use. Keep in mind that you’ll need adequate space to set it up and swing. 

Here is some of our top selling sex swings:


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Now that you know your options, it’s time to take a look at some of the best sex swings for beginners. Note that we took into account installation time, ease of use and whether or not it brings that mind-blowing, eye-popping, aerial orgasm you’ve been looking for. 

Sex swing for begginers Naughty Times Door Swing

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So, you’ve purchased your new sex swing. You’re probably itching to jump in and get it on. But first, let us share some of our all-time favorite methods of using a sex swing. These positions are easy to pick up and pack a punch of pleasure every time. 

Full Access

Doable with any sex swing, the Full Access position is all about being vulnerable and heightening the senses through a slip of the tongue or the tip of a finger. With this position, one partner lies on their back (or up against the door if you’re using an over-the-door swing) while the other partner is on their knees on the floor with their face conveniently placed between their partner’s thighs. An added bonus? Many swings offer open slits on the bottom — perfect for a little anal action!

Swinging Cowgirl 

The Swinging Cowgirl is ideal for a ceiling-mounted or portable swing. This freeing take on the classic cowgirl position is all about empowerment. One partner leans back in the swing while the other straddles them with their feet on the floor or wrapped around their partner’s back. Using a sex swing for this sexy saddle romp is a galloping good time for all.

Aerial 69

Feelin’ a little cramped in your bed when it comes time for some dual oral action? Ceiling-mounted and stand sex swings were practically made for some intense 69ing. We love the Aerial 69 as it alleviates the need to hold yourself up or the hassle of having to handle the weight of your partner. 

The logistics pretty much work the same as the ground-bound 69. One partner lies in the swing on their back as the other bends over their crotch, placing their head between their partner’s thighs and their nether regions over their mouth. 


While using a sex swing can seem intimidating at first, know that there’s no wrong or right way to do it (except if you’re putting you or your partner in harm’s way). When you’re with your partner, you’re in a safe space, and honestly, this is most likely new for both of you. Take your time, get comfortable and experiment with positions to find what works for you. 

  1. Start by sitting in the swing and finding your center of gravity. 
  2. Then, place your feet in the stirrups and as you get more comfortable, you can attempt to put your thighs in them. Neither is right — it’s all about what you like and what feels good for you.
  3. Next, grasp the straps at the point where you begin to feel the most secure. Adjust your hold on them as needed. 
  4. When you feel completely safe and supported, attempt a few positions to see what you like and what you don’t. Just remember: safety first. 


Shop our selection of sex swings today to bring your flying sexual fantasies to fruition. From over-the-door options to more advanced body swings, we have it all.

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