The Best Ways to Stimulate Your Partner's Clitoris

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The Best Ways to Stimulate Your Partner's Clitoris

Ways to Stimulate Your Partner's Clitoris

The clitoris has around 8,000 nerve endings—roughly

If your partner has a vulva, they might enjoy penetrative sex, but you’ll need to stimulate the clitoris to take them over the edge. A 2017 study published in the journal Sex and Marital Therapy found that only 18% of women can orgasm from vaginal penetration alone. The rest either require or prefer clitoral stimulation to orgasm during intercourse.

The clitoris has around 8,000 nerve endings, which is roughly double the number in a penis. In her book Come As You Are, sex researcher Emily Nagoski writes that the clitoris is the “Grand Central Station of erotic sensation.” But despite its critical role in pleasure and arousal, researchers haven’t always given the clitoris the attention it deserves. The clitoris was omitted from some early medical textbooks. We didn’t even have a 3D model of the clitoris until 2009. Thankfully, we now know more about its structure than ever before, and you can use this knowledge to stimulate the clitoris.

Where is the clitoris?

Where is the clitoris

The clitoris is like an iceberg—it’s larger than you think. There’s a tiny nub at the top of a vulva where the inner labia meet (that’s the glans), but the majority of the clitoris is actually underneath the skin. The full clitoris is shaped kind of like a wishbone that runs along the sides of the vulva and extends up to five inches inside the body. You may have noticed your partner’s vulva puffs up before or during sex. That’s because the clitoris is composed of erectile tissue that swells during arousal, just like the penis.

Because the clitoris is both an internal and external structure, some researchers believe that “G-spot orgasms” don’t exist—they’re actually internal clitoral orgasms. For this piece, however, we’re going to focus on the parts of the clitoris that you can access externally.

Even though the clitoris is a highly erogenous zone, it’s not a magic button. You can’t just poke it and expect your partner to moan in ecstasy. For the best clitoral stimulation, you need to stay consistent and pay attention to your partner’s feedback.

Before you try something new, you should ask your partner to tell you or show you what they like. But in the event they’re not sure exactly what feels great (or they’re in the mood to explore), here are some tips from sex experts about how to go about stimulating the clitoris.

Ask for directions.

The most sensitive part of the clitoris is located where the labia meet, but it can be hard to find the right spot, especially if you’re in low lighting. The easiest way to find the clit by touch is by asking your partner to place your fingers on it—there’s no shame in that,” explains sex educators. “Some clits are more prominent than others. It’s better to ask than to diddle a part that definitely isn’t it.”

Let your partner take control.

If you’re not sure where to start, cup your partner’s vulva and let them control the movement and pressure. “Create a firm base with your palm that your partner can hump or grind against,” Moon says. “Ask them to move their hips against your hand to demonstrate the kind of motion that feels good to them.”

Give indirect stimulation.

While some people love direct clitoral stimulation on the glans, others might find it’s too intense. If your partner has a particularly sensitive clitoris, Moon recommends stimulating the area around the glans by stroking the clitoral hood or either side of the clitoral shaft.

Play the "Clit Clock" game.

“Imagine the clit has a clock on it, where the top point, closest to their bellybutton, is twelve, and the spot closest to their vaginal opening is six,” says a sex expert we interviewed. “Move along their clit around the clock with a finger or sex toy, starting from twelve and going in a circle slowly, asking them to let you know which spot feels the best.”

Practice pleasure calibration.

Once you find the right location, try different ways of touching it, Adult Luxury's owner explains. “The things you can vary are pressure, friction, speed, and angle,” he says. You can tell them to make a noise, squeeze your hand, or say something when it feels particularly good.

Stay consistent.

As the adage goes, “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.” The most common frustrating thing men do is change things up too much, says Play. Once you find what works, keep doing it. “You don’t need a million different tricks, you just need to find the thing they like, and consistently repeat it,” he says. “Let it build up enough to spill over.”

Make a peace sign.

“Put your fingers in a peace sign and with lots of lube, slide them up and down on the inside of their outer lips, around the inner lips,” explains a certified Sex Educator. “Here you are stimulating the extended internal structure of the clitoris. This is erectile tissue that becomes highly sensitive when engorged, making the area hotter, filled with blood and pulsing.” Make sure that you use plenty of lube; this does not feel pleasurable without it.

Give mixed pressure.

“Slide or bring the heel of your hand to the hood of their clitoris,” Adult Luxury's owner says. Have your partner breathe and ask them if they want more or less pressure. “You may want to repeat this, pulse, or slide.” You can also apply pressure with other things besides your hands, including sex toys.

Try the "Rock-A-Bye Labia" technique.

“Spread your fingers and lay them flat over your partner’s outer labia, and then alternate pressure between your fingers,” Adult Luxury's owner says. As always, explore pressure and rhythm, and ask your partner what feels best. “Here you are stimulating the clitoral bulbs under the outer labia, which is an essential way to signal to the body to produce lubrication and fill the area with blood to increase pleasure and sensitivity vastly.”

Use a clit-sucking vibrator.

The future of sex is here, and there are hundreds if not thousands of toys created to stimulate the clitoris directly. There’s even been a surge in clitoral suction devices (a.k.a. clit suckers) that provide a unique stimulation that your hands simply can’t—no matter how hard you may try. Here are some to try.

Do the coital alignment technique (CAT) sex position.

Swap deep penetration for deep clitoral pleasure. In the CAT sex position, the insertive partner holds themselves over the receptive partner—like in missionary—but they shift their body forward so their penis or dildo is pointing down. That way, as the insertive partner moves their shaft toward their partner's vagina, it rubs against the clitoris on the way there.

Here is the top selling toys for clitoris stimilation if you single or in a relationship to use on your partner: 

Luxury🌹Rose Tongue Vibrator

Clitoris stimulation vibeator rose

Vibrators may be the obvious sex toy, but there's a whole new crop of pleasure-makers that will blow your mind (and body).

Introducing : Luxury🌹Rose Tongue Clit-Tongue Vibrator, that use a moving tongue and vibration to directly stimulate your clitoris or anywhere you wish to play.

If you're looking for all-in-one bliss, look no further than the Luxury🌹Rose Tongue Vibrator.

Rose Pleasure Tongue for Her. With orgasmic licks and a 10-function G-spot vibrator for a handle, this toy offers all the best of sexual stimulation.

Perfect for singles and couples alike, this licking tongue vibrator looks and feels just like a real tongue. The tongue vibrator is miniature in size so that it can be transported easily. The soft silicone tongue makes real life licking motions - it’s a completely unique alternative to the traditional vibrator. The vibrator offers 10 speeds to select from, is waterproof and equipt with the latest USB base charging technology.

Since it weighs less than a killigram and is the size bid your palm , it's perfect for travel — so you'll never have to be without an orgasm again.


Click here to shop the orgasmic licking luxury rose

Zephyros™ Unisex (Pink) with RemoteZephyros™ Unisex (Pink) with Remote sucking sex toy

Clitoral stimulator with suction and 10 vibration patterns to those sensitive nerve endings. Sucking and pulsing against the clitoris at one side, the opposite slips into the vagina and comes to rest alongside the g-spot and sensitive surrounding tissue, ranging from soft and gentle to fast and hard.

The slender and firm silicone shaft makes it easy to explore your sugar walls and target your hungry-for-action G-spot. Made of body-safe silicone, it is super-soft, hygienic,nonporous. and that slightly phallic tip is ready to make love to your sweet G!

Zephyros™ Sucking Vibrator is conveniently USB rechargeable, for elevated ecstasy wherever you want it, powering up fully in about 1.5 hours. A full charge will run pressure waves and vibration for up to 60 continuous minutes.

This unique vibrator uses orgasmic suction to simulate a sucking sensation, encircling your clit and targeting it for intense stimulation. It is fully waterproof so you can use it while taking a shower or relaxing in the tub.

Private Package: Zephyros™ will be shipped to you with discreet package, no one knows what you get. Click here to Shop

Luxury🌹Rose Sucking VibratorRose sucking sex toys

Vibrators may be the obvious sex toy, but there's a whole new crop of pleasure-makers that will blow your mind (and body).

Adult Luxury clit sucking rose vibrator south Africa

Introducing : Adult Luxury's Rose Clit-suction sex toy, that use air pleasure and vibration to indirectly and directly stimulate your clitoris.

As the name suggests, this premium sex toys create throbbing air pleasure and vibrating sensations around the clitoris, which help to increase circulation, boost arousal, and give out-of-this-world orgasms! 

If you want a clitoral vibrator and/ or a clitoris air pleasure vibrator this Pleusure Air Rose is for you! You can use the air pressure function by it self, hold it above the clitoris without directly touching the tip, to experience a magical mind blowing orgasm like never before!

It’s petite, powerful, and perfectly shaped to be used solo or with a partner, and pretty easy to travel with, and with some women reporting that it made them orgasm in seconds. Buy yours today while stock last! Click here to shop

Temptations Sucking Licking Tongue VibratorTemptations Sucking Licking Tongue Vibrator

Looking for a sex toy that mimics oral sex ? No problem. Missing penetrative sex? You're covered. Want a quiet vibrator that you can discretely pack into your suitcase? You got it. Temptations Clitoral Sucking Licking Tongue Vibrator is here to satisfy all your needs and fulfil your desires.

Temptations Vibrating Tongue Runs Rings Around Your Clit & Nipples!

Tickle your bits like never before for titillating foreplay and moan-worthy O’s!

  • Tongue “flickers” with powerful & stimulating vibrations
  • Experiment with 10 vibration modes for a range of sensations
  • 5 Orgasmic suction mode with flickering tongue
  • Waterproof for wet & wild play
  • Made from hypoallergenic silicone with ABS plastic base
  • USB Rechargeable stimulator runs up to 90 minutes, Charger included

If you love getting licked all over, then you’ll go gaga for the Temptations Clitoral Stimulator! This powerful stimulator features a soft cup that fits over your breasts and vagina.

Then a vibrating tongue inside the cup starts “flickering” all over your bits for an amazing oral experience. Use it on your nipples during foreplay to get in the mood. Or save it for your clit for body-shaking O’s. It makes a great wing woman during sex, and it’s powerful enough to get you off all by itself.

Play with 10 vibration modes and 5 tongue licking modes, including multiple speeds as well as patterns of pulsation and escalation. There’s a wide variety of sensations – ensuring that you’re sure to find something you like regardless of your mood or needs.

The stimulator is fully waterproof so you can use it while showering or floating in the pool. The waterproof design makes the toy easy to care for and clean for long-lasting pleasure. Click here to shop

Pro Air-O-GasmicPro Air-O-Gasmic Wominizer satifier vibrator South Africa

Pro Air-O-Gasmic Gold from Adult Luxury is incredible value, for this designer 2 in 1 premium vibrator.

This innovative luxury toy is easy to handle, and you can increase or decrease your intensity level with the simple oval button. The Pro Air-O-Gasmic Gold Next Generation is an incredible clitoral toy that massages the clitoris using pressure waves and tingling pulsations.

This clitoral toy is 100% IPX7 Waterproof with intense pressure waves.

This massager makes no contact with your body, letting the pulsations do all the work. Once the hollow head is in place, you won’t have to move the vibe/ relax and enjoy your orgasm!

This toy features 10 intensity sucking levels and 5 exiting vibrating levels. Easy to clean and 100% body safe. This toy has no cables for fuss-free fun and is USB rechargeable for repeat pleasure. Click here to shop

Echo 3 in 1 Clitoral Sucking & Licking VibratorEcho 3 in 1 Clitoral Sucking & Licking Vibrator

3 in 1 Clitoral Sucking & Licking Vibrator - G Spot Vibrating Dildo

Finally a vibrator that does it all is on the market! ECHO 3 in 1 offers you all the top selling technologies in one sexy design. Get ready for the a ultimate orgasmic experience!

Enjoy the intense pleasure of simultaneous of the clitoris and G -s pot at the same time.

  • As Sucking Vibrator, with 5 suction modes
  • As Flapping Vibrator, with 5 flapping modes
  • As Vibrating Dildo Vibrator, with 10 vibration modes
  • As Tongue licking Vibrator, with 5 licking modes

Multiple ways to use this orgasmic toy and endless pleasurable possibilities 

For the girl who wants it all and refuses to compromise, the ECHO is here to fullfil all your intimate desires. The vibrator blends to fit your body, it's super soft and flexible for complete satisfaction. This vibe offers multiple pleasures – both clitoral and G- spot, orgasmic stimulation again and again. It is softer, smoother and more powerful than other vibes in similar categories - usb chargeble and super quiet . Lmitless pleasure is only a touch away. Order your ECHO today, we can deliver overnight!

sex toy

Click here to shop the Echo 3 in 1 Clitoral Sucking & Licking Vibrator

Charmed™ Suction Vibrating RoseCharmed™ Suction Vibrating Rose

10 Different Suction & 10 Vibration Modes

2 in 1 High Frequency Suction & Vibration.

Not only does the Charmed  Suction Vibrating Rose have powerful suction and vibrations but it is also equipped with a quiet motor, you can enjoy this premium sex toy without stressing that the kids or roommates will hear you.

It can be used for solo play or for couples to enjoy together.

The soft silicone head is like a small and soft tongue, giving you orgasmic pleasure with pleasurable suction to have have climax in no time.

The intensity of the vibrations and sucking modes can easily adjust by pressing the manual buttons on this luxurious sex toy.

For couples or foreplay this is the perfect accessory! For solo play this is the toy to spoil yourself. Insert it into the G- Spot, stimulate the clitoris or use it on your erotic zones ( For example breast) Click here to shop

Zephyros Cyclone™ Remote ControlledZephyros Cyclone™ Remote Controlled

We all know about Tracy's Dog the number 1 Best Selling Adult Toy on Amazon US. Our designers has spend months investigating the toy. Speaking to women that have used it and happy to say improved it, confirmed by ladies that tried and tested both.

Adult Luxury sell both these premium satisfying toys, so do believe us when we say this spesific toy is the champion orgasm giver and satisfyer. It is also better in design , more bendable and flexible to adjust to all body types and has a remote control ( Tracy's Dog don't) to make it easier to operate.

Relax , get comfortable and effortlessly change the vibration modes and patterns with the push of the remote button without the effort to change posision or bent forward to change it manually.

The remote control makes it comfortable for couples to use . Now he can join in the fun, be in control of your orgasms. Let the games begin, spice things up in the bedroom or on vacation. This unique design is also super silent, a discreet sex toy when you have house mates or kids in the house.

This vibrator uses orgasmic suction technology to simulate a sucking sensation, encircling your sweet spot with intense stimulation.

"Sucking and pulsing against the clitoris at one side, The opposite slips into the vagina and comes to rest alongside the g-spot and sensitive surrounding tissue, ranging from soft and gentle to fast and hard." Click here to shop

3 in 1 Rose Lick-Enamour

3 in 1 Rose Lick-Enamourh

3 in 1 Rose Lick-Enamour 

The Extra Powerful Tongue Sensation Rose Vibrator - for Pinpointed Pleasure

Click here to watch a video of the 3 in 1 Rose Lick-Enamour

rose vibrator

The 3 in 1 Rose Enamour Clitoral Tongue Vibrator is one of the most powerful clit stimulation devices on today’s market.

Unlike other vibrating tongue sex toys, Instead of something rounded or rigid, Rose Enamour feature lip-like flaps to flick your bean and send your O-rgasms into overdrive. Meanwhile, the tongue stimilator flutter at different speeds and intensity levels to produce sensations that remind you of why you love oral sex in the first place. Turn it around and you have a pin pointed orgasmic stimulator!

1 powerful motor, 2 buttons, it can run two modes at the same time.

What also makes this rose vibrator unique is that it is a quiet design. Play anywhere,  anytime discreet. 

Multifunction uses with endless pleasurable possibilities for you




 small vibrator

A Tongue vibrators to deliver a realistic experience for those who prefer external pleasure over traditional intercourse.

Did you know that some women can’t even get off unless they receive external, clitoral stimulation? That means you can pump like a champ and shake your hips like Elvis and she’ll still just lay there like nothing happen.

That’s why vibrating tongue sex toys have become such a popular alternative to traditional oral sex. Not only do they provide consistent, targeted stimulation but they also have more stamina than any human partner you’ll ever meet.

Regardless, this luxurious device offers nine coordinating licking patterns and nine distinct vibration levels to ensure you get off every time.

It’s made out of silky-smooth 100% silicone for a non-porous, hypoallergenic session that’s compatible with all Adult Luxury's  water-based lubricants.

rose toy for women


The noise is less than 50 dB, play anywhere, anytime discreetly.



Easy to clean and perfect for the bath or shower.



Easy charging with the USB magnetic charging cable. 2 hours fully charge provides 1 hour pleasure!

Features & details

  • 3 in 1 Tongue Licking Pleasure: Rose Enamour has a unique tongue-licking vibration function. From gentle flirting to wild licking, extreme climaxes and a gentle touch. 
  • 3 in 1 Clitoral Tongue vibrators with 16 Modes : Get this Rose toy for women = 1 Clitoral tognue licking vibrator (7 licking modes) + 1 Mini quiet vibrator. (10 powerful vibration modes). It can be used as a personal nipple massager, anal teaser, rose clitoral stimulator for women, or during foreplay for couples to enjoy together.
  • BODY-SAFE SILICONE: The tongue vibrator is made from 100% medical-grade silicone. Non-toxic, odorless and skin-friendly.Smooth to touch and feel, giving you a skin-like feeling as it imitates the real skin of human body.
  • WHISPER QUIET :  The noise is less than 50 dB, have fun anywhere anytime!
  • 100% WATERPROOF & MAGNETIC CHARGER: The rose clit vibrator has an IPX7 waterproof rating. Making it the perfect companion for the shower. Conviently  USB magnetic Charging. Charge for 2 hours, the using time will be 1 hour.
  • DISCREET PAKAGE & RELIABLE SERVICE: Your privacy is our priority, the product comes in discreet packaging, nobody will know what’s inside the box. 


The Crown 👑 ( Licking Sucking Vibrator)

The Crown 👑 ( Licking Sucking Vibrator)One of the latest sexiest designs in sex toys for women. The Crown 👑  Licking Sucking Clit Vibrator. What more can you ask for?

This amazing vibrator, with a oral tongue stimulator in the crown that licks and futures the latest air sucking technology! Stylish royal crown design and extremely powerful compared to other suction toys on the market.

The Crown Jewel premium vibrator will bring you to climax in minutes! Click here to shop

Instinct® Tongue Bendable Sucking Vibrator/ CouplesInstinct® Tongue Bendable Sucking Vibrator/ Couples

Instinct® Smart Double Sided Bendable Pleasure Air Tongue Vibrator For Couples And Women To Enjoy Solo.

⭐Double Sided ⭐ Suction⭐Vibration⭐ Tongue Licker⭐ Bendable

Click here to watch a video on the Instinct® Vibrator

Instinct® to fit your body. Double Sided Vibrator For Clit & G- Spot Stimilating For Her, Or For Couples To Enjoy Together.

Made buy women for women. Reach, excite and discover erogenous zones you never knew existed.

The Sucking Tongue Vibrator- Instinct has a bendable shape that conforms to the body/any body shape and is essentially two sex toys for the price of one—a clit stimulator, G-spot seeker, a futuristic sexy designed shape that targets multiple erogenous zones at the same time. 

You can bend it and put one side in your G- Spot with and the other end with the tongue licking and suction part against your clitoris while he penetrates you. Both partners can enjoy the vibes, and for her this will be the ultimate pleasure. Click here to shop.

3 in 1 Au-Rose-L Sucking Licking Vibrator3 in 1 Au-Rose-L Sucking Licking Vibrator

3 in 1 Au-Rose-L Sucking Licking Vibrator

This 3 in 1 Premium Rose Multifunctional Vibrator Will Bring You To The Unlimited Climax.

The vibrator has sucking, vibrating and licking functions. It is easy to operate and be used seperatly or together and can be controlled by different buttons. It can be used at the same time or alone, so as to stimulate the G-Spot, clitoris, nipples, breasts, anus and other sensitive parts in all directions, offering you duel stimilating where you choose.

Sucking licking massager

10 Powerful Modes

The rose vibrator has 10 different sucking modes and 10 different vibration modes. With different tongue licking speeds to choose from.

Anal vibrating massager

The 3 in 1 Au-Rose-L vibrator has a variety of ways to play, which can stimulate your clits, breasts, anus and other sensitive parts together or separately. Click here to shop.

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