Best Selling Couples Toys And Accessories

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Best Sex Toys & Accessories to Use as a Couple

Vibrators, butt plugs, cock rings, and everything else you could ever want.

We tend to associate sex toys with masturbation—you know, something you drag outta the bedside drawer whenever a flesh-and-blood partner isn't available. But whether it's a vibrator, dildo, bondage, butt plug, cock ring, or prostate massager—or all of the above—a sex toy can also work wonders for all kinds of partner sex.

Couples in a sex rut might find a shiny, new toy brings excitement back to their bedrooms, and couples who are already adventurous might use a toy to explore even more avenues for gettin' it on. There are even remote-controlled sex toys that can help couples in long-distance relationships keep the flame alive from far away.

Some people (looking at you, men) shy away from the idea of a couple's sex toy out of fear their partners will like it better than their own performance. Those people are—to put it bluntly—wrong!

There's nothing sexier than a guy who's down to try new techniques to boost their partner's pleasure, such as holding a vibrator against their clitoris during P-in-V penetration (hello, blended clit/G-spot orgasm) or incorporating anal beads into oral sex.

The options for couples to use sex toys together are limitless, and all of them are your friend!
We get it: shopping for sex toys can be overwhelming. Some of the contraptions on the market are so intricate that it feels like it requires an engineering degree to actually know how to use them. To help ensure that you and your partner are filling your toy box with the very best, we selected the top selling toys and accessories below to make it easier for you to choose:

Diversion™ Couples Sucking Vibrator

Diversion Couples Remote Control Vibrator

Clitoral Vibrator
BOMBEX Clitoral Vibrator
BOMBEX Clitoral Vibrator
BOMBEX Clitoral Vibrator
BOMBEX Clitoral Vibrator
Couple vibrator

The Diversion Couples vibrator was specifically designed for couples to use during intercourse. Simply slip the vibe into her vagina with the air stimulation part on her clitoris, insert your pwnis next to the vibe into her vagina and both will enjoy the vibes! 

The Diversion Couples vibrator was especially designed for couples and women that aren't able to climax from penetrative sex alone, and also needs clitoris stimulation.

Worn in the vagina, it curves around to hug your clitoris. It vibrates at different speeds and patterns, meaning that you can enjoy sex in pretty much any position while being assured clitoral stimulation.

Diversion Couples Remote Control Vibrator is a really easy way to make sure that your sex life is consistently satisfactory and ends in mutual climaxes. It's also remote controlled, so you can adjust it during sex without having to pause and look for the buttons – which would be a bit of a mood killer.

clitorius stimulator

8 Frequency Vibration Modes

The Diversion Couples Remote Control Vibrator has 8 powerful different rhythmic vibration modes to choose from simply flick thru them with the remote till you find the one that gives you the best vibes! Click here to shop 

Unify-Us™ Couples Rabbit Vibrator

Unify-Us™ Couples Rabbit VibratorUnify-Us™ Couples Rabbit Vibrator

The top selling women's vibrator of all time, now available for couples to enjoy together!

Couple Vibrator for Female

Satisfy your women like never before with 12 orgasmic vibrating modes to choose from.

The Unify-Us Couples Rabbit would became your favorite go to toy for couples intamacy sessions. With 2 powefull motors and 12 different vibration and a remote control for hands-free play.

Satify her like never before! Let the rabbit ears send her clitoris in orgasm heaven while the shaft stimulate both partners with intense vibrations at the same time!

Pleasure, fun, massager,stimulator

Spice things up in the bedroom, reconnect, bring the spark back!

Surprise your lover with a toy that will benefit and satisfy both parties. Click here to shop

Cleopatra® BioAir Tongue Vibrator

Cleopatra® BioAir Tongue VibratorPremium Adult Toy For Your Collection. The Cleopatra BioAir Tongue Vibrator is as satisfying as it looks. 

A Vibrator with BioAir Technology and tongue licking functions. What more can you ask for?

A Stylish royal design but extremely powerful compared to other suction toys on the market.

The Cleopatra BioAir Tongue Vibrator will bring you to climax in minutes! 

Use with Adult Online sex shops water-based lubricant to heighten sensation in play.

wand massager
rose vibrator

Key Features:

  • This chic and sensual tongue vibrator with BioAir technology
  • If offers 9 frequencies vibration, tongue licking speeds and suction modes.
  • It is a silent vibrator to make playtime discreet if there is kids or room mates around.
  • Perfect travel size and USB charging for around the globe easy fast recharging 
  • Double motors.
  • Extra Suction - MUCH stronger!
  • Warms up with the body
  • Features 9 stimulating vibration modes, tongue licking motions and air sucking technology for customized play.
  • Silent Vibrator
  • USB rechargeable for an eco-friendly sex toy - comes with a charging cord!


WeJoy® Remote Controlled

WeJoy® Remote Controlled we-vibe couples sex toyThe gift of pleasure!

Introducing our special limited edition and Couples Vibe Pro the WeJoy®! Have fun like never before with this dynamic duo, limited edition Couples Vibe in an attractive, discreet play case; and is great for travel too!

Set Remote-Controlled Luxury Couples Massager, exclusive imited range.

Let the games commence! Spice up foreplay with this elegant and sexy toy.

Perfect for solo and/or couple’s play, let your lover take control with the wireless remote.

This ultra-high-powered, whisper-quiet couples toy has been designed with your mutual pleasure in mind.

Wear it during lovemaking to unlock new, undiscovered sensations for you and your partner, using the hand-held remote control to explore each of the nine fully adjustable vibration modes together.

With high-quality rechargeable vibrators it can be enjoyed solo or used with a partner - certain to please anyone open to sexploration.

The dual-stimulation Sync offers great pleasure options for any couple looking to use toys together, designed with a slender neck so it can be worn during intercourse, with powerful rumbly vibrations and an adjustable fit that lets you stimulate the G-spot and clitoris with your preferred pressure level. Rotate and use the ridges for more pin-point vibration, if that's the way you like it. 

The WeJoy® Couples Pro Vibe has been updated with improved charging, battery and control button. The flat end is great for varying pressure and enjoying more diffused or pinpointed stimulation.

Use it on your partner to tease her, or tease him by slipping it into your vagina or panties while he operates the vibrator from a distance with the remote control. CLICK HERE TO SHOP 

Satisfier Climax Remote Control Cock Ring

Satisfier Climax Remote Control Cock RingThe ultimate cock ring to satisfy your partner!

The Satisfier Climax Remote Control Cock Ring is made out of premium grade silicone, and has 9 different vibrating modes to choose from. Perfect for Couples to enjoy together especially if she is one of the ladies that climax thru clitoral orgasms.

It also puts vibrations thru the penis into the vagina to increase g-spot orgasms for her. The possibilities is endless with this premium sex toy.

You can also use it by hand to hold agains her nipples or clitoris to spice things up and increase the mood.

Excellent sex toy for foreplay, for him to last longer and hold a erection. Click here to shop 

Enticement- Rabbit Remote Couples Vibrator 

Enticement- Rabbit Remote Couples Vibrator Best voted couples sex toy of the year!

Enticement- Rabbit Remote Couples Vibrator. The best selling couples toys for women, the rabbit vibrator is now available for couples to enjoy together. With this vibe you will be guaranteed to satisfy her in more ways then you can imagine. Simply insert it into her vagina ( there is different combinations as the pictures above illustrates) and both partners will enjoy the vibes! Click here to shop 

Odyssey Vibe ® Couples Vibrator

Couples sex toysPremium Adult CouplesToy For Your Collection. The Odyssey Vibe ® Couples Vibrator is as satisfying as it looks. Treat your partner to mind blowing orgasms and satisfy her like never before.

The Odyssey Vibe ® is a premium couples vibrator to insert in her while he penetrates her. Both partners will feel the orgasmic vibes. 


Use with Adult Online sex shops water-based lubricant to heighten sensation in play. CLICK HERE TO SHOP 

Exotic Couples Panty Vibrator

Exotic Couples Panty VibratorExotic Couples Panty Vibrator :

Embark on an intense erotic encounter with the Adult Luxury's Vibrating Exotic Panties from our Premium Whistle Collection. Slip the exotic vibrator onto your pearl, then pass the control to your lover and let them pleasure you with the 12 speeds and 8 patterns.

Whisper-quiet and remote controlled, the panty vibrator offers utter discretion even on the strongest tier of sensation. Relax into bliss as your lover flicks through the settings from up to 12 meters away.

A small opening in the back of the case can fit the width of the USB cable for discreet charging.

Adult Luxury is a collection of luxurious sex toys expertly designed by top sex toy manufactures with only one thing in mind: ultimate sexual happiness.

Please note: While the vibrator is waterproof, the remote control is splashproof only and should be kept out of water.


V-Vibe® : Vibrating Panties Vibrator

V-Vibe® : Vibrating Panties VibratorThe V-Vibe® Vibrating Panties Vibrator will literally rock your body all day and night.

V-Vibe® aka the ‘sneaky’ couples sex toy. As the name implies, you can sneak this unique toy anywhere. Play with the remote toy anywhere, anytime! Insert the V-Vibe into your favorite pair of underwear....and let the games begin! Give your man the remote and power to satisfy you from a distance.

The V-Vibe® Vibrating Panties Vibrator can be used solo, or for secret fun insert them into your favourite panties and take erotic play to a new level. It can be universally attached to any underwear, so you can turn your fanciest pair of undies into a pair of vibrating fancy undies. The two-piece kit comes with a remote control and a 9-function vibrator, specially designed to hit your clitoris at all the right angles. The contoured design has ridges for more stimulation, and wings (like a maxi pad) help attach the device to the underwear of your choosing.

The Vibrating Panties Vibe is made out of premium medical grade silicon, and is FDA approved. It has an ergonomic design with CE safety certification and RoHS authentication. V-Vibe® Vibrating Panties is a luxury sex toy for women or for couples to enjoy together.

With the Vibrating Panties Vibe ergonomically designed whisper-quiet vibrator, you are able to experience the ultimate in teasing foreplay. Using a remote control, your partner is able to navigate through 9 differing pulsating patterns as well as a variety of intensity levels - taking you from slow and steady to quick and wild in a matter of seconds.

With twice the power of its predecessor and boasting 9 vibrating modes, this pebble vibrator enhances play with strong vibrations and pleases every sense...

Shop the V-Vibe® Vibrating Panties: Click here

Unite-Us™ Couples Remote Vibrator

Unite-Us™ Couples Remote Vibrator
Unite-Us™ Couples Remote Vibrator For Duel Satisfaction
Set Remote-Controlled Luxury Unite-Us™ Couples Remote Vibrator, exclusive luxury edition range.
Let the games commence! Spice up foreplay with this elegant and sexy toy.
Perfect for solo and/or couple’s play, let your lover take control with the wireless remote.
This ultra-high-powered, whisper-quiet couples toy has been designed with your mutual pleasure in mind.
Wear it during lovemaking to unlock new, undiscovered sensations for you and your partner, using the hand-held remote control to explore each of the nine fully adjustable vibration modes together.
The luxury couples massager has 10m long distance control to bring additional features to your intimate experience, while its discreet, delicately embossed curves fit seamlessly with your body for the ultimate experience in comfort and excitement.
Use it on your partner to tease her, or tease him by slipping it into your vagina or panties while he operates the vibrator from a distance with the remote control.
Click here to shop the Unite-Us™ Couples Remote Vibrator

Zephyros™ Unisex (Pink) with Remote


Zephyros™ Unisex (Pink) with RemoteRevolutionary suction technology

The Zephyros™ clit vibrator comes with 10 vibration modes and 10 suction modes, including multiple power levels and pulsating patterns with a remote control. One button in the base controls the vibration, and the other button handles the suction. Simply press the button to start playing and switch different modes. USB rechargeable.Just like sex, you should start off slow and gentle to help set the mood and give your body time to adjust.

Unique 2 in 1 vibrator​ Multifunction​

Zephyros™Clitoris & G- Spot Stimulator is 2 toys in one –– and ready to give you so many amazing experiences, too! Pamper your clitoris with all the many kinds of sucking it loves. That's right. Or, on a moment's whim turn this sex toy around and go inside for the perfectly targeted love. Or go back to the sucking. Oh, what a night!

Waterproof Design

The vibrator is fully waterproof so you can use it while taking a shower or relaxing in the tub.The watertight design makes the massager easy to care for and clean for long-lasting enjoyment.

High Quality Silicone

The sucking vibrator is made primarily from soft and durable silicone, a hypoallergenic and easy to clean material. The stimulator is rechargeable and can run up to 60 minutes fully charged. A USB cable is included that plugs below the clitoral stimulator.

Features & details

Clitoral stimulator with suction and 10 vibration patterns to those sensitive nerve endings. Sucking and pulsing against the clitoris at one side, the opposite slips into the vagina and comes to rest alongside the g-spot and sensitive surrounding tissue, ranging from soft and gentle to fast and hard.

The slender and firm silicone shaft makes it easy to explore your sugar walls and target your hungry-for-action G-spot. Made of body-safe silicone, it is super-soft, hygienic,nonporous. and that slightly phallic tip is ready to make love to your sweet G!

Zephyros™ Sucking Vibrator is conveniently USB rechargeable, for elevated ecstasy wherever you want it, powering up fully in about 1.5 hours. A full charge will run pressure waves and vibration for up to 60 continuous minutes.

This unique vibrator uses orgasmic suction to simulate a sucking sensation, encircling your clit and targeting it for intense stimulation. It is fully waterproof so you can use it while taking a shower or relaxing in the tub.

Private Package: Zephyros™ will be shipped to you with discreet package, no one knows what you get. Click here to shop.

Bed Restaint Kit

Bed Restaint Kit

Features & details

  • Transform Your Ordinary Bed into A Kinky Den of Delights with this bondage set quickly and easily. Slip it under the mattress and adjust the straps to fit your bed size. Then put the 4 Velcro-fastening cuffs onto your partner and connect to the strap.
  • Versatile Bed Restraints: the bed restraints sex kit can fulfill all your fantasy. Including 4 sex handcuffs for wrists and ankles, 2 separated bed spreader strap, a feather tickler and a blindfold for sensual sex games play. Never get bored again with it!
  • Adjusts to Fit Any Mattress: Each 165.35” strap adjusts to fit any size bed without the use of hooks. And there are multiple ways to position the straps. Use your imagination and restrain your lover for more fun!
  • Keep Your Partner in Comfort! The sturdy cuffs are lined with comfortable padding for an assurance of comfort with long-time sex games, as well as security. With the sturdy restraints straps, your partner could not get rid of your control but begging for more.
  • Measurements: Restraint strap length: 165.35". Wrist cuff can be adjust from 1.96 to 3.14 inches in diameter. Ankle cuff can be adjust from 1.96 and 3.93 inches in diameter.

☆Next Day Express Delivery available. Click here to shop

Swan Couples Vibrator with Remote Control

Swan couples vibrator with remote. Couples intamacy sex toy

The Swan is a premium couples massager that is worn by women when making love to a partner. It can also be used for solo play by women or in couples play to tease and satisfy each other with. Bring exitment back into the bedroom or enjoy private puplic play for the adventures couples.

The Swan : bringing extreme pleasure and orgasmic vibrations to both partners. The Swan adds even greater intimacy to lovemaking with amazingly powerful and silent vibrations.

The Swan has 12 different vibration functions to be explored with a simple touch of the push buttons. Varying from titillating pulsations to a single speed buzz, there's plenty of stimulating options for you and your partner to enjoy.

Select your favourite vibration setting or combination and insert the thinner curved end inside the vagina, bending the larger extension so that it sits externally against the clitoris.

The Swan can also be used for anal play due to the shape and flexibility.

Operated by remote control or at the touch of a button, its 12 modes guarantee incredible sensations in the simplest package, and it can even be charged via a USB port for more convenience on those romantic getaways. Meanwhile, fully waterproof versatility adds excitement to the shower or hot tub and ensures safe and easier cleaning.

The Swan comes presented in a beautiful gift box and USB charging cable and Adult Luxury's 1 year warranty included.

Always use this couples vibrator with a generous amount of water-based lubricant from Adult Luxury for best results!

Click here to shop Swan Couples Vibrator with Remote Control

The Ultimate Fantasy Remote Control Cock RingThe Ultimate Fantasy Remote Control Cock Ring


Features & details

  • Double Ring- This strechy double ring stretches comfortably around the base of the penis and testicles and help enhance erections and pleasure.
  • Multi-purpose - This cock ring keeps the guy harder for longer while hitting just the right spot for clitoral stimulation.
  • Enhance the size of his erection.
  • Delay edjeculation
  • Super Powerful Motor - Strong motor with 9 speed modes which allows to experience various levels of sexual pleasure.
  • Remote Controlled
  • USB Rechargeable - The cock ring and remote can quick charging and long-term usage give you steady stream of stimulation.
  • 100% Premium Silicone - Made of body safe silicone that is super stretchy to accommodate any size. Click here to shop

To view all our couples toys: Click here

Enchanted App Couples Toy

Enchanted App Couples Toy

Enchanted Premium App Couples Toy for long distance play!


Enchanted Premium App Couples Toy Vibrating Wearable Panty Vibrator for Couples with App Remote Control.

Let your desires and imagination run wild with this erotic couples panty vibrator with 11 flirty vibration speeds and pulsating patterns.

Discover the endless possibilities of the butterfly effect app vibrator, for single women to use alone or for couples to enjoy together.  Your partner, can control your satisfaction all the way to a explosive orgasm via a app thru their smartphone no matter where they are in the world. Or insert the vibe during intamacy and let both partners enjoy the vibrations!

Your body will flutter with satisfaction!

butterfly vibrator

Click here to shop the Enchanted App Couples Toy

Vibe-Us Couples Vibrator

Ultimate-Plesures Couples Toy

Vibe-Us Couples Vibrator is a multifunction vibrator. For dual satisfaction for couples to enjoy together or it can be used as a G-Spot & Clitoris vibrator for her.

The Vibe-Us Couples Vibrator is from Adult Luxury's exclusive Eco Range Luxury Edition Range.

Let the games commence! Spice up foreplay with this elegant and sexy toy.

Perfect for solo and/or couple’s play. With 9 different vibrating modes to choose from and the ability to bend 160 degrees this vibrator has endless possibilities!

This ultra-high-powered, whisper-quiet couples sex toy has been designed with your mutual pleasure in mind.

Wear it during lovemaking to unlock new, undiscovered sensations for you and your partner, explore each of the nine fully adjustable vibration modes together.

The luxury couples massager can be inserted in her during intamacy and bring additional features to your sex experience, while its discreet, delicately embossed curves fit seamlessly with your body for the ultimate experience in comfort and excitement.

Use it on your partner to tease her, or tease him by slipping it into your vagina or panties. Or enjoy solo as a G'spot or clitoral vibrator! Click here to shop

Fantasy Adult Sex Swing

Fantasy Adult Sex Swing bondageFantasy Adult Sex Swing opens up a whole new erotic playground for orgasmic adventures.

Master every position in the Kama Sutra with the Fantasy Adult Sex Swing. Made from industrial grade steel and reinforced support straps, this position enhancer hangs from any ceiling and is fully adjustable for night after night of wild exploration.

The soft padded Fantasy Adult Sex Swing comes with 2 body straps and 2 foot straps to experiment with, position possibilities are endless. Plush pads make even prolonged lovemaking extremely comfortable, while professional standard attachments ensure safety at all times. CLICK HERE TO SHOP 

WeConnect™Glide App Vibrator


WeConnect™Glide App VibratorWeConnect™ Glide App Vibrator (vibrating

panties), can be a lot of fun to wear and play with. You can use them alone and control your own orgasms using an app. Or, if you have a partner(s), they can control the vibrations. Whether you're apart or together, WeConnect™ Glide App Vibrator will allow you to play together from different countries, provinces or rooms, or even in some cases different houses.

Features & details

  • WeConnect™ Glide App Vibrator has APP Remote Control & Customizable Vibrations. By connecting your APP IOS or Android phone by downloading the App.
  • Solitary mode, music mode, delimit mode and interactive mode that can be switched as per your request.
  • You can manual control or APP control this wearable vibrator.
  • Double Stimulation: Has 9 different sucking patterns and 9 vibration patterns. The WeConnect™  Glide App Vibratore encircling your clit and targeting it for intense orgasmic stimulation. Multi-vibration and sucking motions give you stronger sensations and help you reach your climax more easily, this will maximize your sexual pleasure!
  • Ergonomic Wearable Design: Invisible wearable design that is easy to put it in your panty and will stay in place for unforgettable multiple clitoral orgasms.
  • Whisper-quiet vibrations that won't be heard by anyone around you so you can enjoy this clitoral vibrator to take an adventure at office, shopping mall or any other public place.
  • Safe Magnetic Charging : Package comes with convenient USB cable for endless rounds of fun, it takes about 2 hours to recharge using the included USB charger. Please charge it fully before us. Also note: it won't turn on with the charger still attached/ please remove it first.
  • Discreet Package Buy with Confidence: Our all adult sex toys will be delivered to you in discreet packaging and we take your privacy very seriously, your privacy is safe and sound! 
  • Order your WeConnect™  Glide App Vibrator today we can deliver overnight! Get ready to be completely satisfied!
Click here to shop the WeConnect™ Glide App Vibrator 


Flamingo®Meet the Flamingo Music Vibrator!

Flamingo is an innovative G-spot vibrator that works via Bluetooth and is uniquely controlled by an application on your smartphone. You can operate the Flamingo vibrator by any smartphone that holds iOS 7.0 or Android 4.3 or higher versions. Simply download the Magic Motion app for free in the App Store or scan the QR bar on the packaging to download it to your Android.

The Best 

Vibrating APP SEX TOY you have ever experienced!

What makes the Flamingo vibrator so unique is the numerous ways in which you can use it. Flamingo starts to vibrate by touching your screen or when listening to your music playlist. We even made it to vibrate instantly with surrounding sound. The Flamingo vibrator can be voice controlled or dance along music beats. Don't worry about battery life. Recharging is easily done by USB in less than an hour! Once charged you're good to go for minimum 4 hours of vibrating fun. Finally you can invite your partner to control the Flamingo vibrator at any distance thanks to the Wi-Fi function.

Feel the Music Inside You

Yes you heard it right: The Flamingo vibrator vibrates along with your favorite music. Making it one of the world's first vibrator that can transmit your favorite tunes from your phone right onto your G-spot. (Making the beats feel a little more intense than having music in your eardrums!) Besides using it with music on your phone you can also use it to go out clubbing and knock yourself out on the dancefloor through Flamingo voice mode. Handover the phone to your lover and let him be your personal DJ!

Feel the music inside your body!

The Magic Motion app allows you to use the Flamingo with music, voice, standard patterns, custom patterns, motion control and many fun games which can also be played over the internet. It’s the best vibrator to play naughty games in public.

100% Waterproof

Just like in real life!

With proper training it will even make you feel like you're flying yourself ;-)

The Flamingo vibrator is completely waterproof making it easy to clean and user friendly in the shower or bathtub. You can enjoy the Flamingo anytime, anywhere! Just put on a song, lay yourself down, enjoy your favorite tunes while the Flamingo concentrates on some powerful G-spot vibrations.

Click here for more info and shopping on the flamingo.

Fantasy Bondage Set

Fantasy Bondage Set bdsm couples sex toys

Get ready for incredible fun of sexual intrigue and delight with this Fantasy Bondage Set.

Share the thrill of opening a mystery door each day with your lover to discover a sensual treat, with items for you, your lover and both of you.

Perfect for exploring new ways to play together, your Fantasy Bondage can lead to many more blissful adventures beyond. Shop Now: Click here

Bondage Kit Sex Toys Plush Neck Pillow & Handcuffs & Ankle Cuffs

Bondage Kit Sex Toys Plush Neck Pillow & Handcuffs & Ankle CuffsSatisfy Your Kinky Curiosity!

Ideal for bondage beginners and experts alike, these Oxford Cloth, Short Plush and Sponge add a whimsical touch while keeping your partner securely restrained!

If ordinary handcuffs are too intimidating, then you’ll love Bondage Kit Sex Toys Plush Neck Pillow & Handcuffs & Ankle Cuffs. These soft restraints are covered in colorful,much more inviting for beginners. Even bondage experts will love how comfortable the cuffs feel… and the fact they don’t leave any marks the next day!

You can use the restraints to tie your partner’s wrists or ankles together or cuff them to the bed. The cuffs can easily be used with other bondage items such as ropes or other restraints for even more versatility.

Lock your lover up tight with this fantasy bondage set!  Strap on sets of  ankle and wrist cuffs – they’re strong enough to pull against, but soft on skin.  Each comes off easily with the tug of a Velcro strip!  And your partner will love moaning around the breathable, bite-able gag!  Includes comfortable pillow! 

Explore all your erotic bondage fantasies in a safe, fun way with this kinky bondage set!  It makes a great starter kit for couples looking to introduce bondage into the bedroom because it offers a complete fantasy package.  With the Bondage Kit Sex Toys Plush Neck Pillow & Handcuffs & Ankle Cuffs, you can take things slowly, one piece at a time, or you can try the full collection of sexy restraints and toys! 

If you’re a bondage beginner or you want to help introduce your partner to all the excitement, the Bondage Kit Sex Toys Plush Neck Pillow & Handcuffs & Ankle Cuffs is a great choice.  Every piece has a touch of light purple color that gives the bondage set a level of ‘lightness’ – where black with heavy buckles can be seriously intimidating, this bondage set is friendly and approachable, the perfect kit for when a little joking and teasing go hand in hand with kinky fun! 

But just because it’s great for beginners doesn’t mean it’s less than professional.  Each set of ankle cuffs and wrist cuffs is wide and feels soft yet solid and supportive.  The ‘tied’ partner can tug and strain against these cuffs without fear of them breaking or unfastening.  But if either of you wants to stop at any time for any reason (“Oh no, is that the doorbell?”), you can either unhook the cuffs’ metal attachments or pull the end of the Velcro tab.  And instantly – your cuffs come off!  Don’t ever be worried with keys or complicated knots.  With these sexy bondage toys, you’ve got an instant ‘out’! 

Want to experiment with gags?  The Bondage Kit Sex Toys Plush Neck Pillow & Handcuffs & Ankle Cuffs’s gag is made from Oxford Cloth, Short Plush and Sponge – it won’t taste funny or pick up teeth marks like improvised gags, and a series of holes lets the wearer breathe comfortably through their mouth even during energetic play.  And the attaching strap is soft and easy to wear.

So much bondage fun – all in one easy package! SHOP NOW: CLICK HERE

Heart Tassel Nipple Pasties

Heart Tassel Nipple PastiesAdd a pair of these Reusable Red Heart Tassel Nipple Pasties from Love Toy to your outfit for an unforgettable night of seduction. These glamorous, burlesque like pasties will make you feel like the goddess you are, leaving whoever sees them speechless. Shop Now: Click here 

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