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App Wi-Fi Remote Control panty Vibrator for couplesIf you don't own one of the latest wi-fi sex toys yet, you have been missing out :the time has come to take your sex life to the next level.

Remote, Bluetooth, or Wi-Fi app-control vibrators and sex toys give you way more control than most manual options allow (if your vibrator's just not hitting the spot, you can easily change its settings without pausing and having to get back into the groove).

Remote-control vibrators allow you or a partner to adjust the speed and settings without reaching down between your legs.

Beyond that, having a vibrator that you can control remotely allows you to subtly excite your partner at unexpected moments—say, by fooling around with the remote when you're in a group setting (hello, foreplay) or at a date night dinner that will undoubtedly lead to a sex session later.

The element of surprise is an amazing addition to the bedroom, but for savety and optimal pleasure try testing these solo before introducing them to your partner: Knowing where you enjoy and how you enjoy being touched can save a lot of time and effort with a new or current lover.

Once you've expressed what you like, you don’t even have to be in the same place as your partner when you use one of these babies, a handy feature if you're not in the same room as the person you want to get busy with. Adult Luxury's remote and app-enabled vibrators and sex toys allow you to play with someone who is in another room and the app Wi-Fi App sex toys even on another continent.

Let the good times start and never come to a end :

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Click here to shop Adult Luxury's App Wi-Fi operated Vibrators and Sex Toys.

App controlled long distance sex toy for couples

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