Hot Sex Positions That Are Even Hotter With Sex Toys

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Sex is fun, sex toys are fun, so bringing them together must be a blast, right? Honestly, I'm not entirely sure - I have a terrible habit of getting too excited to take the time to raid my toy box. It's like, one thing leads to another and the next thing you know someone's bringing me a towel, amirite? So, today I'm going out map out some sex positions and even some sex toys that go with them so that we can all be more prepared.
Couples sex toys
Before we get going, a note on the toys mentioned: I've selected an assortment of body safe sex toys I like for this article and mixed & matched them with the various positions. I like these toys but you may not - we're all different. Fortunately, the world of sex toys is wide! Explore and find the perfect toys to fit your preferences and budget.

Something to bear in mind with many of these positions: Butt plugs/prostate stimulators can be worn by the partner doing the penetrating and, in the case of vaginal intercourse, by receiving partners too. Folks with penises can also incorporate cock rings.

In addition, for penetrating partners who are strapping on, Sportsheets is a great pick for your first harness, even offering a kit that includes two silicone dildos.

Now, let’s look at some fun sex positions with sex toys to try out when you want to raid your toy box!

Best All Around Sex Positions with Sex Toys

Doggy Style creates so much great access for incorporating toys! There's lots of room to apply a vibrator to your partner’s clitoris or perineum, ample room for the receiving partner to use a stroker - there’s just a lot of fun to be had here! In the image above, one partner is pleasing herself with a Magic Sex Wand

Doggy style and sex position

Doggy Style ad on toys:

Other great toy picks for this position:

For women for clitoral stimilation: Temptations Sucking Licking Tongue Vibrator

For penis vibration: Satisfier Vibrating Cock Ring

To enlarge the penis and keep it hard: Rock Hard Cock Master With Remote Control

Spoon Position

The Spoon Position is mellow and intimate and creates lots of opportunity for sex toy use. The receiving partner can lean back into the penetrating partner and either use a toy on themselves or leave themselves to the mercy of their partner, who can reach around and use the toy on them. In the image above, these lovers are playing with a G-spot vibrator. The Exotic Heat Master is perfect for this position as it has a G- Spot and clitoris stimulation head and trust together with the vibration function ( a guaranteed combo to get her to the ultimate climax)

To satisfy her with a vibrating rotation dildo, this is the top selling dildo that hits the G-Spot with rotation moves: Mr.Dream Thrusting Dildo Vibrator

Lap Dance Position

Womanizer sex position couples

The Lap Dance position has some of the same benefits as the Spoon sex position with the added appeal of being a bit more active for the receiving partner. Here the receiving partner can control more of the action and is ideally placed to use a toy on themselves. In this image, the receiving partner is getting ready to use the Odyssey Air Vibe® 2 in 1 Vibrator

Other great toy picks for this position: Luxury🌹Rose Sucking Vibrator

For folks with clitorises: Orgasmix Super Massage Wand

For folks with penises: GALAKU Touch In: Vibrating Sucking 360°Mastrubator (Volcano)

Magic Mountain Position

Sex position adults luxury

Magic Mountain and similar sex positions that place the receiving partner directly against furniture (bed, couch, counter, cat tree, whatever, it’s your thing) are great because they allow you to really wedge a toy in place, making toy use mostly effortless (I won’t lie, things slide around, you may have to do a little toy position maintenance). In the image above, this couple is reaching for the Unite-Us™ Couples Remote Vibrator (You know where it's supposed to go - we just couldn't figure out how to draw it that way!)
Other great toy picks for this position:

For folks with clitorises: The Vibe Luxury Heating Wand🔥

For folks with penises: Mansto Automatic Mastrubator

Afternoon Delight Position

Afternoon sex

Afternoon Delight is a fun sex position precisely because it's a little awkward. You have to slow things down to make this one work and that makes it a great place to put some toys to work. Plus, it offers a great view of your partner - whichever end you are on! In the image above, one partner is holding the couples clitoral vibrator.

Other great toy picks for this position:

For women that loves clitoris stimulation:  Elegance 360° Rotating Vibrating Wand

For orgasmic penis massage: Everlast BioAir™ Mega Pleasure Mastrubator

Best Vaginal Intercourse Sex Positions with Sex Toys

Missionary with a Lift Position

Wevibe sex toys

 There’s a whole market devoted to “couples’” toys (spoiler alert: couples can actually use ANY toy!) and if there is any position in which these toys can really shine, it's Missionary. Especially when engaging in vaginal intercourse, couple's vibrators that boast the ability to “fit neatly between partners” can be brought out now. Also, vibrating cock rings get a chance to shine here. In the image above, our couple is getting comfy on the couch and getting ready to roll with the Unite-Us™ Couples Remote Vibrator 

Other great toy picks for this position:

Couples' vibrators like WeJoy® Remote Controlled

Vibrating Cock Ring: Casanova 3 in 1 Cock Ring

To add a little variety to your missionary adventure, why not try taking it upright, with the Standing Missionary Position, or switching it up with the Reverse Missionary Position

Best Oral Sex Positions with Sex Toys

Elevated Oral Sex Position

Sex toys cape town  shopElevated Oral is a super-fun place to incorporate toys because of the sheer range of possibilities. Elevating the receiving partner's hips makes the partner on the giving end able to get at them without leaning all their weight into their arms so their hands are free for toy use! It's a great opportunity for g-spot teasing and intense shaft pleasing. In the image above, this couple is making use of the WeJoy® Remote Controlled

Other great toy picks for this position:

For women that loves clitoris stimulation: Wand-er Lick-Her from ZONEGASM

To satisfy him with a Mastrubator: The Orgasmic Capsale: Vibrating With Remote Control

Head Rest Position

Sex toys couples intamacy fun gamesThe Head Rest is a fun sex position for pleasing the person who is pleasing you! This setup makes it easy to use a toy on your partner while they provide you with oral stimulation. Fun, right? The couple above is making use of Magic Wand Rechargeable.

Other great toy picks for this position:

For her, clitoris stimulation:Unite-Us™ Couples Remote Vibrator

For penises: Silent Pleasure Stroker

The Bottom Line
Well, there you go, folks, just a couple of ideas to help inspire you to incorporate toys into your sex lives. Now go forth, raid your toy box, and enjoy!

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