These 11 Sex Toys Are The Gifts That Keep On Giving

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Sex toys may not be the perfect gift for everyone on your list, but they're certainly a fun way to surprise a partner or a very close friend -- in private, that is. (Definitely not ideal for your office secret santa exchange.)

Whether you need something for a vibrator aficionado or a newbie to kink, there are more than enough types of toys out there to find a gift that will match your recipient's specific tastes.

Think: a wifi-controlled vibrator for your high-tech pal, or edible chocolate-flavored body powder for your partner who's just as great in the kitchen as he or she is in the bedroom, or a clitoral stimulator for... yourself. The hard part might be choosing only one.

To narrow down your search, we've rounded up 11 sex toys that make great gifts. 

Bio-Air LaRose Pro 3Bio-Air LaRose Pro 3 vibrator sex toyTHE Gift that keeps in giving!

The Ultimate intamacy toy for solo fun or for couples to spice things up! From Adult Luxury's premium collection.

If you want a multifunction toy for guaranteed satisfaction this intamacy toy is for you! CLICK HERE to watch a video of the Bio-Air LaRose Pro 3. 

The Bio-Air LaRose Pro 3 offers you clitoris and G- Spot stimulation with 10 diffrent Bio Air settings and 9 diffrent vibrating modes to choose from. For her to use for orgasmic nights or for couples to incorporate in foreplay to make things more exciting ...this toy has endless possibilities!

Besides stimilation of the G-Spot and clitoris...hold the Bio-Air side of the vibe on your/ her nipples and other erogenous zones and feel/ see the magic can involve so much more than just genitals. By interacting with other pleasure centers on the body, you can excite your partner before and while you’re doing the deed, to make their orgasms more powerful.

On the one side of the Bio-Air LaRose Pro 3 you have the flower designed to satisfy your clitoris with the latest Bio-Air technology ( 9 different modes and intensities) on the other side of the vibe the option to use it as a G- Spot vibrator with 9 mind-blowing vibration modes to choose from.

Made from premium silicone with two strong (silent) motors, you are guaranteed a premium product that is silky smooth to touch with a classy elegant designs.

With two strong motors and the latest Bio-Air technology this toy will send you to orgasm heaven in no time!

Both motors of the Bio-Air LaRose Pro 3 is silent, so you can enjoy it discreetly even with room mates or kids in the house.

It's 100% IPX7 Waterproof and USB magnetic fast charging, with a savety travel switch. A premium product that will spoil you and give you the orgasms you deserve. Click here to shop

Mr.Dream Thrusting Dildo VibratorMr.Dream Thrusting Dildo Vibrator

Thrusting vibrators create a sensation unlike any other sex toy. Massaging your deepest erogenous zones with ease, a thrusting dildo does all the hard work, so you don't have to!

Satisfy your deep drill pounding fantasies with this remote control sex machine from Adult Luxury. Boasting 7 vibration patterns and 7 thrusting patterns with the added stimulation of a warming material ( heats up with your body heat), there's sure to be a setting to satisfy you.

Attach the suction cup to the surface of your choice 

Use the push buttons on the remote to turn on the dildo, the vibration, or the thrusting. Cycle through the vibration and thrusting options by pressing the buttons on the remote control.

Always coat the dildo with water-based lube for the most pleasurable experience.

Click here to buy this orgasmic thrusting Dildo 

Bonnie® The Quiet Bunny

Bonnie® The Quiet Bunny rabbit vibrator black adult Luxury sex toysBonnie® The Quiet Bunny was specifically designed by women for women to provide you with pinpoint pleasure, on your clitoris and G- Spot at the same time.

Made from smooth medical luxury silicone  Bonnie is 100% body safe. With 18 Functions this rabbit vibrator has a mode for every mood. Varying from mild to can start of slow and increase the intensity of the modes and vibrations by a simple push of the button.

Bonnie® is super quiet, no waking up the kids or roommates when you play in the room next door.

It is created with a slight curve for accurate, G-spot massage and has powerful bunny ears for intoxicating, precise clitoral stimulation.

Feel a full body impact from the supreme vibrating motors in both the rabbit ears and the main shaft. Having 9 pulsating patterns and 9 vibrating speeds to choose from, your experiences will be uniquely exciting. 

Bonnie® has two motors! For double the pleasure, one in the main shaft of the rabbit vibrator and a extra one in the clitoral stimulation head.

Twice as strong as other rabbit vibrators. Endless strong orgasms on demand! But if you like it soft and gentle the first few modes can be selected. Customize Bonnie® till you find your orgasmic mode for explosive pleasures!

This luxury vibrator is 100% IPX7 waterproof. A convenient USB charger will ensure you never run out of power. Click here to shop

GALAKU Touch In: Vibrating Sucking 360°Mastrubator (Volcano)GALAKU Touch In: Vibrating Sucking 360°Mastrubator (Volcano)GALAKU Touch In: Vibrating Sucking 360°Mastrubator

A vacuum mastrubator with 20 different Intelligent Vibrating Modes for men inspired by magniffcent nature!

360° vibration sucking pleasure experience around your penis without a dead corner.

Each mastrubator have different textures and tightness.

All sleeves are super strechy with strong vacuum suction, a 360° pleasure experience and 20 vibration modes, you can adjust.

Simply slip the sleeve out of the cup protection, lube up and insert your penis and feel the flow of nature surounding your manhood as you slide in and out of the orgasmic sleeve. Click here to shop

Rose-Le Bella Sucking Pulsating VibratorRose-Le Bella Sucking Pulsating Vibrator

For Her or Couples Fun!

The Rose-Le Bella is as pleasurable to the eye as it it to your most sensitve parts! This toy will bring you hours of orgasmic joy whether you are single or looking for a toy to spice things up with your lover. It is perfect for single women and can be used as couple's foreplay.

The bio Air formed by the vacuum vibration of Rose-Le Bella surrounds the clitoris, bringing a orgasmic sensation, replicating the feeling of real oral sex.

While enjoying clitoral sucking, the Rose-Le Bella vibrating egg can be inserted into the vagina to stimulate the G-spot or as a vibrating anal plug. With pulsating and vibration tecnology this egg will send you over the edge in just a few minutes.

The double stimulation will make you scream from pleasure! You can switch between any end to tease and stimulate the clitoris, G- Spot, anus and/or nipples at will. 

Click here to watch a video of the Rose-Le Bella


Click here to watch a video of Rose-Le Bella

Rose-Le Bella Vibrator sucking

Silicone Material 

This rose egg vibrator is made of ultra-soft, silky smooth 100% Medical Silicone that is 100% body-friendly and safe. 

Super Quiet: The Rose-Le Bella is a sexual wellness item which is not only a quility product but also quiet without noise less than 40DB. A silent design for discreet play anywhere & anytime. Click here to shop

KEY PLEASURE Orgasmic Gel for WomenKEY PLEASURE Orgasmic Gel for WomenGive her the gift of a better orgasms!

The KEY PLEASURE Orgasmic Gel for Women will get you in the mood in a few minutes. It stimulates hormones, increase sensitivity and help you reach a orgasm faster.

✅Helps women reach climax faster

✅ Stimulate "happy hormone"

✅ Improve your sex life

✅ Increase sensitivity

Apply a few drop to the vagina, then gently massage it in. It will start working in 5-10 min, be ready😉 Click here to shop

Temptations Sucking Licking Tongue Vibrator

Temptations Sucking Licking Tongue VibratorLooking for a sex toy that mimics oral sex ? No problem. Missing penetrative sex? You're covered. Want a quiet vibrator that you can discretely pack into your suitcase? You got it. Temptations Clitoral Sucking Licking Tongue Vibrator is here to satisfy all your needs and fulfil your desires.

Temptations Vibrating Tongue Runs Rings Around Your Clit & Nipples!

Tickle your bits like never before for titillating foreplay and moan-worthy O’s!

  • Tongue “flickers” with powerful & stimulating vibrations
  • Experiment with 10 vibration modes for a range of sensations
  • 5 Orgasmic suction mode with flickering tongue
  • Waterproof for wet & wild play
  • Made from hypoallergenic silicone with ABS plastic base
  • USB Rechargeable stimulator runs up to 90 minutes, Charger included

If you love getting licked all over, then you’ll go gaga for the Temptations Clitoral Stimulator! This powerful stimulator features a soft cup that fits over your breasts and vagina.

Then a vibrating tongue inside the cup starts “flickering” all over your bits for an amazing oral experience. Use it on your nipples during foreplay to get in the mood. Or save it for your clit for body-shaking O’s. It makes a great wing woman during sex, and it’s powerful enough to get you off all by itself.

Play with 10 vibration modes and 5 tongue licking modes, including multiple speeds as well as patterns of pulsation and escalation. There’s a wide variety of sensations – ensuring that you’re sure to find something you like regardless of your mood or needs.

The stimulator is fully waterproof so you can use it while showering or floating in the pool. The waterproof design makes the toy easy to care for and clean for long-lasting pleasure. 

The Temptations Tongue Clitoral Stimulator is primarily made from silicone, a material prized for being durable and easy to clean. Silicone is also hypoallergenic, making it a great choice for people with sensitive skin or severe allergies. The base is made from gold-colored ABS plastic for a decorative flourish.

The teaser is compatible with water-based lubes. Hold the button in the base down for about three seconds to turn it on. Press the button to switch vibration modes. 

When you’re finished, hold the button down until the stimulator turns off. Clean it with sex toy cleaner before wiping it down with a lint-free cloth. Recharge the toy using the included USB cord when needed.


The Ultimate Fantasy Remote Control Cock RingThe Ultimate Fantasy Remote Control Cock Ring


Great Gift For Couples Fun!

cock ring

Vibrating cock rings are great for beginners, and a fantastic buy for couples discovering sex toys together.

cock ring

Maximum contact to her clitoris, both of you can benefit frrom the vibrations. 

cock ring

Her-on-top is a great position, she can press and grind against the part of the ring that vibrates, with total control over the level of pressure. Grinding is usually more enjoyable than thrusting as it allows her to maximum contact with the vibrator.


cock ring

While your partner penetrates you from behind, have him slip it on his cock to give rumbling vibrations through your perineum.


Powerful Rumbly Vibrations

Intensify pleasure with deep powerful vibrations that provide satisfying stimulation to both partners. Click here to shop

Fantasy Thrusting Rose Vibrator

Fantasy Thrusting Rose Vibrator

Fantasy Thrusting Rose Vibrator 

Rose G spot Dildo
Sucking Vibrator for women


Clitoral & G- Spot sucking vibrator shaped like a rose. Stylish and romantic design, perfect gift for yourself or for couples to enjoy together.
Orgasmic pleasures with 10 diffrent vibrating modes, 10 x suction modes and thrusting technology. Click here to shop

Joie De Vivre

Joie De Vivre couples g spot and clit vibrator
Sucking clit G-Spot vibrator for her and couples remote control
For solo fun or for couples to enjoy together. G-Spot and Clitoris stimulation. Strong vibrations with 10 different modes to choose from and 10 different intensities sucking modes to be used separately or in combination with each other. Can be controlled manually with buttons on the vibe or with the remote control for hands-free play. 
Play with the remote toy anywhere, anytime! Insert the Joie De Vivre into your favorite pair of underwear....and let the games begin! Give your man the remote and power to satisfy you from a distance. Click here to shop

Sexy LingerieBug sexy lingerie Seductive and sexy lingerie 

Sexy Underwear and Sexy Lingerie that will make you look and feel amazing. Nothing puts you in the mood like hot , sensual erotic lingerie. Indulge!

Visiting a lingerie store online and buying sexy underwear for the first time can be challenging for some. For this reason Adult Luxury has made online sexy lingerie shopping fun and easy to select. All our Lingerie Sets stretches to make size shopping easy. If you buy a size to big or to small it won't make that big of a difference.

Adult Luxury has a huge range of sexy lingerie designs on offer, Click here to shop

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