Top Ten Rabbit Vibrators On The Market

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Top Ten Rabbit Vibrators On The Market

The Rabbit vibrator is probably one of two instantly recognizable sex toys (along with the Hitachi Magic Wand). Unlike the signature blue-and-white Hitachi, the Rabbit is more of a sex toy category, rather than one specific recognisable sex toy.

When people talk about Rabbits, they’re probably talking about the shape and design of the toy, with its internal rotating shaft and signature clitoral stimulation bunny ears. It also helps that the Rabbit is mentioned in pop culture a lot — including an entire episode dedicated to the toy in Sex and the City. But since their initial design in the early ’80s, rabbit-style vibes have been improved upon with tons of bells and whistles.

If you nevered tried a rabbit vibrator you have not lived...must do for all women!

If you haved tried older models and you’re looking to build you sex toy collection for all your many orgasms—or just curious about the cult status behind this new designs—here are the 10 best rabbit vibrators you can (and should) buy today:

Rose Gold Luxury: Blissful

Rose Gold Luxury: BlissfulThe Rose Gold Luxury Blissful Vibrator from Luxury Vibes is made out of premium medical grade silicon, that is FDA approved. It has an ergonomic design with CE safety certification and RoHS authentication. The Gold Quest Bunny Vibrator is a luxury sex toy for women.

It features 10 frequencies to give you a variety of options to discover pleasurable sensations up until you reach an intense sexual climax.The Gold Quest bunny Vibrator, is one of the best selling rabit Vibrators in South Africa from our LeBlanc Collection.

The Blissful from Luxury Vibes bunny vibrator has an erotically smooth feel, made out of Body Safe luxuriously soft silicone. It is playfully flexible and moves with your body for a fully responsive experience. Coupling pinpoint clitoral stimulation with exquisite internal intensity, the Blissful from Luxury Vibes vibrator creates thrilling blended sensation for spellbinding ecstasy. A sculpted shaft shadows your body's contours, and is tipped with a curved taper to escalate G-spot pressure.

The 10 Distinct patterns of waves and pulses, each featuring their own levels of intensity for precision tailored play, offer endless options for exploration.

Also featuring in this smart design of the bunny are the easy-to-use controls - one button controls the speed and patterns and the other button turns it on and off. Click here to shop 

Swing ™ Rechargeable Rabbit VibratorSwing ™ Rechargeable Rabbit Vibrator

Sexy and Powerful this Premium Silicone bunny has triple motors for double the pleasure! Featuring the main motor inside the sleek sexy bunny with 6 Rotating Modes and 7 vibrating modes, the clit focused motor for x 6 clitoral vibration modes and x 7 vibrating patterns on its own, and last but not the least the incredible pulsation and escalation 360 Swing Motor in the main top shaft.

This sexy vibrator will bring you to fast powerful orgasms like never before!  Click here to watch a video of the Swing ™ Rechargeable Rabbit Vibrator

Click here to shop the : Swing ™ Rechargeable Rabbit Vibrator

Premium Luxury Suction Rabbit


Orgasms will never be the same – not when you're wielding this Premium Luxury Suction Rabbit from Adult Luxury. Stimulating your clit with pressure waves, and treating your G-spot to a toe-curling massage at the same time, this sex toy is a one-way ticket to climactic paradise.

Made from velvety-soft, body-safe silicone, this USB rechargeable Luxury rabbit vibrator offers whisper-quiet vibrations for discreet, pleasurable playtimes. Kids or roommates in the house ? Then this is a must have vibrator ! 

Click here for more information on the : Premium Luxury Suction Rabbit

Heating clit vibrator rabbit clit stimulatorUltimate Luxury Rabit Heating Vibrator

The Ultimate Luxury Vibe : Rabbit Heating Vibrator is made out of premium grade silicon, an FDA approved material. It has an ergonomic design with CE safety certification and RoHS authentication. The Rabbit Vibrator Heat Luxury is a luxury sex toy for women that is absolutely body safe.

Make your self-pleasure more satisfying - and make it hotter - with the Rabbit Vibrator Heat Luxury 9 Function Luxury Warming G-Spot Vibrator with double motors for double the pleasure.

Warm up your sweet spots with this unique heating rabbit vibrator! Specially designed to warm up to a body-safe 107.6° F (42˚C), this multipurpose rabbit vibe heightens your personal pleasure in a different way and makes this sex toy more interesting to use.

With 9 tantalising vibration modes, you can customize the vibrator settings to your liking and experiment with various vibration patterns. This rabbit vibe is 100% IPX7 waterproof, so you can even enjoy its thrills in the shower. The Rabbit Vibrator Heat Luxury is equipped with the latest magnetic USB rechargeable technology for an eco-friendly adult toy and comes with a charging cord for your convenience. Click here to shop

Buy women rabbit Vibrator online discreet adult sex shopRose Gold Exclusive Vibrator

The Rose Gold Exclusive Vibe luxury vibrator is made out of premium medical grade silicon, an FDA approved material. It has an ergonomic design with CE safety certification and RoHS authentication. The Rose Gold Executive luxury vibe is a luxury sex toy for women.

The Rose Gold Executive luxury vibe has a one-of-a-kind design to give yourself the orgasm you desire and deserve. The super soft Rose Gold Exclusive Vibe luxury vibe curls and moves within your body to pleasure you in ways you won’t forget: and will want to repeat time and again. It is designed to be as pleasurable to the body as it is pleasing to the eye.

The shaft of the Rose Gold Exclusive Vibe luxury vibe is elegantly curved for optimal g-spot stimulation. The clitoral stimulator’s head is firm, which contrasts with the flexible tip, which surrounds the clitoris for an all-encompassing sensation.

The combination evokes tantalizing sensations when cycling through the 10 powerful functions. Click here to shop

Enchanting® The Super Quiet Rotating Rabbit VibratorEnchanting® The Super Quiet Rotating Rabbit Vibrator

Tumble down the rabbit hole as this luxurious rabbit's G-spot curve topsy-turves you to a powerful climax. The Enchanting® set the standard for on of the best vibes for 2021, with it's vibration and rotation settings, this smooth silicone toy is your magic weapon for blended internal and external climaxes.

Enchanting ® is super quiet, no waking up the kids or roommates when you play in the room next door.

With 9 vibrating speeds, 9 pulsating patterns and a trio of rotating functions this amazing vibe has what it takes to take you all the way to the big "O" in a few short minutes. When placed on a flat surface the bunny can rotate in a 360 degree motion, imagine this feeling inside you! Orgasmic!

Relax and let its angled tip massage your G-spot as the rotating shaft add delectable internal stimulation. Externally, its flexible rabbit ears tremble and tease the sensitive nerve-endings of your clitoris moving in a 360 motion.

Build up to tandem stimulation by using the shaft and ears separately, turning it upside down to use the ears for clitoral play alone, or switching off the ears to use the shaft as a vibrating dildo.

This luxury vibrator is 100% IPX7 waterproof. A convenient USB charger will ensure you never run out of power. Click here to shop

Candy™ Knocking G-spot Rabbit VibratorCandy™ Knocking G-spot Rabbit Vibrator

The new Candy™ Knocking G-spot Rabbit Vibrator has a unique quick knocking mode. It knocks on you G point! So it can directly hit your g-spot climax.

Candy™ Knocking G-spot Rabbit Vibrator combines hitting and vibrating to create a sensation which you’ve never felt before. Easily give women a perfect climax through double stimulation of the clitoris and G-spot. Have you ever squirted before, the ultimate climax women can have? This satisfying combo of technologies will get you there in no time.

Click here to watch a video of Candy™ Knocking G-spot Rabbit Vibrator

Click here to shop

Exotic Heat Master rabbit Vibrator

 Exotic Heat Master 

What a surprise we have for you here! This is the majestic luxurious heated vibrator you have been asking and waiting for. Bask in all its glory as it delights you in every way possible. Fire up your next masturbation experience or sex-toy time with the luxurious Exotic Heat Master!

Exotic Heat Master is the latest and most advanced thrusting warming clitoris stimulating vibrator on the market. This rechargeable vibrator is a four in one futuristic REAL FEEL sex toy. 

It is a vibrator with a clitoris stimulation together with a Thrusting function that create a sensation unlike any other sex toy and heats up with the push of a button, within minutes! You can experience a lifelike, extremely realistic sensation inside or outside your body using this innovative vibrator.

The functions can be used separate or in combination with each other.

The heated vibrating luxurious Exotic Heat Master enflames your desires with a vibe that adds stimulating pleasures and arousing features that few vibrators can match. Feel the hot and intensifying choice of 9 different vibrations with this very luxurious vibrator: its super realistic lifelike skin covers an exquisitely detailed body.

Choose your settings and feel the powerful shaft lunging for your G-spot again and again while the exotic vibrators ears stimulates your clitoris, rocket you and your clitoris to the moon. Click here to shop

If you’re looking for the best vibrator for women you have selected the best sex shop in South Africa for women's sex toys Adult Luxury. Shop now for the latest ladies vibrators and dildos online or in shop.

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Safe, discreet online shopping, quality products at affordable prices. Free Shipping. Discreet Packaging. Fast Delivery. 

Here is a list of our top selling Dildos and Vibrators For Her: 

Magic Rabbit®

Thrusting vibrator rabbitIndulge in luxuriously lifelike stimulation with this Magic Rabbit®'s realistic shape and inimitable thrusting, vibrating and 360 degrees spinning head design. 2 motors send powerful vibrations straight to your sweet spots with a w-hopping 9 different modes, for mind-blowingly blended bliss. 

Made from velvety-soft, body-safe silicone, this USB rechargeable Magic Rabbit® vibrator offers whisper-quiet vibrations for discreet, pleasurable playtimes. Kids or roommates in the house ? Then this is a must have vibrator ! 

This luxury vibrator is 100% IPX7 waterproof. A convenient USB charger will ensure you never run out of power.

Informed by Adult Luxury customer feedback, the Magic Rabbit® is a high tech design like never seen before on a rabbit vibrator, and now features a unique trusting technology and extra-pronounced head with thicker, firmer ears for more intense clitoral stimulation.

All you need is a liberal dose of your favorite water-based sex lube for extra slip 'n' slide.

Super quiet, no waking up the kids or roommates when you play in the room next door.

Realistic DIldo Rabbit Vibrator
Bunny Ears for Couples, Female and male
G spot Clitoral Vibrator

Magic Rabbit® Thrusting Realistic rotating vibe's vital function stats:

  • Two strong motors
  • Magic Rabbit® Ears: 9 x vibrating patterns
  • Magic Rabbit® Body : 9 x vibrating patterns
  • Magic Rabbit® Head : Spinning 360 degrees futuristic technology.
  • Magic Rabbit® Full body can preform different thrusting speeds in combination with above movements and technologies or you can set it by it self just to preform the thrusting option by it self.

Your Orgasms. Reinvented.

Use alone or with your partner, for the ultimate power play dynamic.

You *can* have it all! Click here to shop


Destiny Thrusting Vibrating RabbitDestiny Thrusting Vibrating Rabbit

A premium Automatic Thrusting, Rotating and Vibrating Rabbit to ensure your G- Spot and Clitoris get the best stimilation with the latest combined technologies in one orgasmic rabbit design!

The Destiny is the top choice if you looking for a rabbit vibrator that does it all! It has two powerful motors to ensure strong vibrations in the shaft and clit stimilating part. It is equipment with the latest thrusting technology for effortless, hands-free play and a rotating head that will give your G- spot extra love, a 360 degree massage and create a orgasmic explosion!

These technologies can be used seperatly or spoil yourself and turn them all on at the same time, this is as good as it gets when it comes to sex toys! 

The Destiny is also waterproof and futures the latest magnetic USB fast charging to make playtime easy, anywhere & anytime! But that's not all, your premium rabbit is a silent design, if you have kids or roommates you don't need to stress they will hear noise, play discreetly when ever you want to! 

The Destiny comes with the latest electronic upgraded control panel. Scroll thru 49 different modes (7x7) by the push of a button to find your perfect combination to take you to orgasm heaven!

The Destiny is made out of premium 100% silicone, that is silky smooth and easy to clean. The shaft is designed with extra textures for a more real feel experience and extra stimilation where it matters most. If you want the best rabbit on the market that will last you for years to come this is a must have! 

Click here to shop

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