Best Male Masturbators On The Market

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A necessity for every man who wants to be able to pleasure himself in the best way possible, the male masturbator is a sex toy that can’t be ignored. These men’s toys are great for stimulating yourself, or even for training your stamina in the sack. But, how can you choose the best male masturbator for your needs?

In this article, Adult Luxury will dive deeper into the subject of male masturbators, so you can make the right choice. No matter your reason to get one of these fantastic male toys, we’ll make sure you can purchase with confidence!

What is a male masturbator?

The name says it all really, but just in case some of you were born on Jupiter, a male masturbator is a men’s toy used to improve the stimulation of masturbation. These toys are growing in popularity and a lot of men simply couldn’t imagine their lives without one!

Top Picks:

The Hurricane : Vacuum Pleasure MastrubatorThe Hurricane : Vacuum Pleasure Mastrubator

They say variety is the spice of life, the latest vacuum suction-powered masturbator cups offer just that. The Hurricane : Vacuum Pleasure Mastrubator has unparalleled texture and explosive vacuum sensations.

The Hurricane : Vacuum Pleasure Mastrubator does so much more than it says on the tin. A deliciously textured air chambers open out into a large, ridged central canal filled with bumps, nodules, and waves. 

Twist the top and enjoy the super-tight grip as you work your way through the increasingly intense vacuum sensations that feels like orgasmic vibrations.

For extra vibrations a bullet can be inserted.

Clean-up is as easy as 1-2-3. Simply remove the internal sleeve, wash with toy cleaner and dry thoroughly before locking away in its case ready for your next session. Click here to shop

Everlast BioAir™ Mega Pleasure MastrubatorEverlast BioAir™ Mega Pleasure Mastrubator

Top seller : Everlast Heat-Electro Suction Mastrubator 3 in 1. The ideal sex toy for men that loves blowjob's and vaginal penetration. Want a thicker penis and harder erection? This is the ultimate penis enlargement mastrubator.

Plunge into the futurastic heating vibrating sex masturbator to experience rows of stimulating nubs and a trio of beads that deliver mind-blowing pleasure. Experience the sensations of better-than-real deep throat oral sex with 6 sucking massage thrusting motions to enjoy and 9 vibration programs.

Perfect for hands-free climaxes, activate the toy with a push of a button and explore solo play, or hand the toy over to your lover and let them take control of your pleasure.

Try the rapid thrusts of its highest setting for a wild, intense session or indulge in relentless, slower thrusts for stamina training and a slower-building climax. How long can you last?

  • 6 xThrusting Sucking/ Pushing Massage Blow Job function male stimulator masturbator
  • Tongue nobes
  • Pushing Bio Air Bag Massage
  • 9 Mastrubation vibrating programs
  • 2 Stamina training programs 
  • Penis enlargement exercise programs
  • Built in push button interface lets your operate the toy with ease
  • Heating function 
  • Features beaded massagers and rows of stimulating bumps
  • Removable insert ensures clean up is fuss-free
  •  USB Magnetic Charging
  • 100% IPX7 Waterproof
  • Made from 100% body safe premium silicone
  • Click here to shop the Everlast BioAir™ Mega Pleasure Mastrubator

Master- Bot Automatic Telescopic Rotating MastrubatorMaster- Bot Automatic Telescopic Rotating MastrubatorMaster-Bot Automatic Telescopic Rotating Hands-Free Mastrubator

This multi function, automatic, rechargeable stroker is loaded with features for an incredible masturbation experience! The inner chamber is made of firm, stretchy rubber, lined with textured fingers to stroke you into ecstasy.
The thrusting and swirling motion will move up and down your penis, stimulating you with every stroke. With different modes and different speeds to choose from, you can choose how fast or slow you want it.
Hands-Free ( Stand Included) designed for an orgasmic experience this easy to use masturbation aid does practically all the work for you. In addition to all these exciting features, it even has a light-up display, for an incredible one-man show! Includes a USB cord so you can charge it on the go, just plug into your nearest USB port to power up, making it the perfect companion for computer viewing. Click here to shop.

Vibrating Double Mastrubator

Vibrating Double Mastrubator with bullet3D realistic anal and vagina vibrating mastrubator, specially designed to mimic the look and feel of women skin, for the most life-like and safe sexual experience possible.
  • 3 holes, pussy and anus with a extra hole to insert the vibrating bullet for a effortless orgasmic feel.
  • Plus, the stroker boasts two unique internal textures, for versatile fun and climax.
  • Perfect size, the stroker’s tunnel is long but the perfect size that' s easy to carry while you are on a business trip or when you travel.
  • Body-safe material, safe and easy to use.
Click here to shop

Optimum™ Vacuum Magnetic Penis Enlarger Strengther Mastrubator

Optimum™ Vacuum Magnetic Penis Enlarger Strengther MastrubatorOptimum™ the top selling Men Vibrator and penis enlarger and strengthening adult gadget from Adult Luxury latest collection, a orgasmic vacuum magnetic silent vibrating mastrubator for him!
Fantastic for men who struggle to get erect or reach orgasm. It can also add a unique twist to your masturbation sessions and to partnered play sessions.
Designed with one open side, the Optimum™ is perfect for flaccid stimulation and is so effective you don't need to manually stroke to benefit from the sensation. These features combined make it super versatile, and a great toy for men with erectile dysfunction (ED) or those who struggle with mobility or grip.
Immerse yourself in high-intensity pleasure with the hot selling Optimum™. This Ultra-strong but silent male masturbator has three different stimulation technologies for optimal satisfaction. The texture of this sleeve grabbing your penis will blow your mind, incombination with a tongue from the top and on the side with vibrating pulse plate technology and vibrations it is obvious why this is a best seller!
9 Thrilling patterns with 9 different intensity levels offer a customisable satisfaction session every time.
With adjustable wings that transmit this toy's vibrations open out to fit any girth. Can be used one-handed, either erect or flaccid. Enjoy vibrations from the extra strong motor, and grind against the smooth silicone for added stimulation during sex.
A state-of-the-art magnetic usb charging system makes this masturbator super easy to recharge.
100% waterproof for aquatic enjoyment. Click here to shop.


Master-Suction-Bot automatic thrusting rotating pistol mastrubator
The Master-Suction-Bot is a super powered masturbator that does the hard work for you!
Enjoy ultimate masturbation sessions with the push of a button, or add to the experience with your own stroking action. Within the hollow chamber is a soft real feel vagina sleeve that wraps around your rod and heightens the experience with rows of strategically placed ticklers that will massage your rod as you stroke.
With different vibrations and suction to choose from the Master-Suction-Bot will satisfy you effortlessly.
With the simple button controller switches, to operate the vibrating patterns, vacuum strength patterns and the release this Master-Suction-Bot is eager to please you just as you want it.
With the exhilarating textured interior, you are assured an explosive finish with the height of stroker technology.
  • Different speeds of suction
  • Different Vibrating Speeds 
  • Textured inner chamber with sensation feelers
  • Vaginal entrance
  • User friendly control pad, with a constant vibration motion and unique suction feature that adds a whole new dimension to masturbation.
  • Usb charging
Simply lube up, slide in, and let Master-Suction-Bot do all the work! Click here to shop.

TRUST CLIMAX 3 in 1 Male Mastrubator

Trust MastrubatorSay hello to TRUST CLIMAX , a realistic 3 in 1 Mastrubator. Go ahead and triple dip: TRUST CLIMAX is ready and waiting. With a tempting mouth, anal and a vagina entrance to choose between, all you need to do is lube up and dive in to this triple-ended male masturbator to enjoy the thrilling squeeze of her super-textured canal.

With her stimulating textures and fantastic detailing, TRUST CLIMAX looks and feels just like the real thing, and offers on-demand orgasms whenever you please.
Our TRUST mastrubator range is made from 100% Premium Medical Silicone to give you a real feel experience. TRUST mastrubator you are guaranteed a trusted quility product that will last for years. 100% Body Safe and easy to clean.
Upgrade your solo pleasure sessions by using any of three holes to pleasure yourself with a generous helping of lube to ensure top grade satisfaction. Click here to shop.

Prodigious Pleasure Stroker

Prodigious Pleasure Stroker

Prodigious Silent Pleasure Stroker: longer stronger harder

The Prodigious Silent Pleasure Stroker is a male masturbator by Adult Luxury. It is designed to give intense stimulation to the penis and glans.
The removable silent vibrator offers 9 luscious vibration functions. The Prodigious Silent Mastrubator’s flexible wrap- around wings and ridges slide along the base of the vibrator offering intense stimulation to the shaft.
Add a drop of your favourite water-based lubricant, and power up your vibe through the control panel and gently stroke up and down the shaft. The powerful motor will ensure that each vibration will be felt through the entire length of your penis.
Prepare to be blown away with Prodigious Silent Mastrubator that always get it right with men’s pleasure in mind. Click here to shop 

Magic Cat Mastrubator Egg

Magic Cat Mastrubator EggA high quility performance masturbator for men. Click here to shop 

Tru Stroke 💦Double Layers Real Feel

Male mastrubation sex toy mastrubator

The Tru Stroke 💦Double Layers Real Feel pocket pussy has been crafted to look and feel just like the real thing.

Plunge your manhood between the welcoming lips, experience a super-tight canal that embraces your full length, then ride out your fantasies to their explosive conclusion.

Take solo play with Tru Stroke 💦Double Layers Real Feel up a gear by adding a bullet vibrator to the hole in the base, and always use with plenty of lube to ensure premium sensations.

Tru Stroke 💦Double Layers Real Feel can also be introduced to your partner to add a new dimension to couples play. Your partner can pleasure you with the masturbator as they would with their hand, or they might enjoy watching you use it to polish your pole.

  • Super-tight realistic vagina masturbator with thrilling textures for explosive play
  • Smooth and supple TPE material gives you incredible realism
  • Slip a bullet vibrator into the base for added buzz
  • Enjoy absolute control during play from the easy grip ribbing on the outside

Click for more information and to purchase

4D Rennes Vibrating Fleshlight

4D vibrating mastrubator for him

Enjoy feeling stimulated night after night with this trusty 4D Rennes Vibrating Fleshlight.Features Super Skin Cyber material that feels like the real thing. 

The 4D Rennes Vibrating Fleshlight offers the most realistic vaginal intercourse sensation possible.

This male sex toy will keep your masturbation play feeling better than ever, so much so that you will be craving this bad boy night after night.

This plush inner sleeve is made to please with a fantastic inner texture that will replicate real sex perfectly. This toy also offers multiple vibrating modes to give you gorgeous stimulation.

  • New 4D technology, better and more realistic then ever before with included vibration functions
  • Make your nights alone a little more exciting with this sensational realistic feel masturbator
  • Discreetly designed, remove the protective cap to reveal the realistic juicy vagina, ready to pleasure you
  • Slip inside and feel the sleeve's tight texture rub and massage your penis
  • Add intense vibrations by the click of a botton to take your masturbation to new, climax-filled heights

Always use a good quality lubricant from Adult Luxury with your sex toy and clean well before and after use.

Easy to clean and completely discreet, this toy is inside a black and durable cup that will keep your toy clean, safe and discreetly stored away. 

For more information and to purchase click here

Reales Gefühl Mastrubator

Reales Gefühl Mastrubator for him

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