What you need to know about penis plugs

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Urethral Toys. Commonly known as penis plugs, cock plugs with the sexual activity being referred to as cock stuffing, it is a facet of BDSM and Fetish play that not everyone understands.

This blog post should be considered a step by step sexual health guide with the use of all urethral toys, and penis wands. Here you will find information and guides concerning the types of penis wands, how to clean them, what to look for when buying your first one and a whole host of tips and tricks and different articles which concern the use of penis plugs inclusive of their safety.

Steel Penis Plug Australia

The aim of this information is to ensure that you are getting the most pleasure out of using penis plugs, as well as to answer any curious and questioning minds as to why they’d want to use a penis plug or place some object down their penis. It’s an art form of sorts that can be a total play on the mind and bring forth a new state of sexual mind with the a myriad of incredibly unique sensations. But more on that later.

The use of penis plugs is becoming more and more popular and many men adorn a plug as part of their intimate body jewellery. A plug can be used in a similar fashion to a piercing and thus provide some unique sexual experiences and sensations as part of their sexual activity. Penis Stuffing not only feels good, but it can also look amazing and the use of a penis plug can also be used for aesthetically pleasing activities as well.

It should be noted that the use of the penis plug is not restricted to solo play and these days many sexual couples enjoy experimenting with having intercourse whilst wearing a cock plug.  Further, whilst penis plugs are restricted to the use of men, urethral sounding and other such urethral stimulating toys can be used as sex toys for women as well. Indeed, there are sounds that also vibrate ad combine that with a deeper penetration of urethral sounding prostate manipulation and milking can occur in men whilst women also report enjoyment partaking in urethral sounding and urethral stretching.

For same sex kinky partners that enjoy a little pain, pleasure and BDSM there are even buddy plugs for those that wish to enjoy the pleasures and pain associated with using a plug with a lover or pal.  It is imperative to understand that all urethral toys will be inserted into the body in such a way that hygiene and material are of the upmost importance especially if you are going to do buddy play.

When using a penis plug for solo masturbation action many people liken the experience to sexual intercourse in reverse.  Each person’s anatomy is different as is their tolerance to pain so it is essential that you choose the right plug for you.  There are so many types of plugs on the market and we will go through each one to allow you an educated choice.

Urethral Stimulation Structure

Whether you are novice user or an experienced urethral player there is useful and relevant information for you to take away from this website.  As urethral play is considered fetish play the first time may be a bit daunting but as long as you relax you will find that the sensations are surprisingly pleasant.  Join the many tens of thousands of fellow United Kingdom penis plugs users.

Whether you end up trying this type of fetish play or not it will be an interesting read and if you do not feel it is the right fit then you will walk away with a bit of extra free knowledge.  However if you do wish to partake in this sexual adventure the site will guide you to new sexual fetish horizons that you may never have previously considered.   Imagine experiencing an orgasm not from manipulation of your penis from the outside but from the inside…


Penis plug use should be done by an adult only or consenting adults.  This site is intended as an information and guide to penis plug use for persons above the age of 18 years of age.  The use of penis plugs should be done safely and correctly.   The information contained on this site is as a guide only and any user does so at his own risk.  The use of Penis Plugs is regarded as a fetish and often leads to Bondage Play.

Adult Luxury will not accept any and liability, harm, cost and expense for any and all personal injuries, loss, damage, expense or injury including death that the user may suffer resulting from or arising out of the use of the information provided due to any cause whatsoever.

Benefits Of Sounding | Benefits Of Urethral Play

When people think of sounding, they often think of pain and suffering. But did you know that there’s more to sounding than that? There are actually a bunch of benefits to sounding and sounding can actually help your sexual experiences, and your sex life. So by now you should have a solid understanding of sounding, let’s explore how sounding can be of benefit to your sex life and sexual experiences.


Sounding actually has a bunch of benefits to you, and your sex life. Some of the more important benefits are which we will follow up with greater detail:

  • A great feeling. The use of urethral sounds produces many pleasurable sensations that aren’t often felt.
  • Newness. Sounding will provide you with the opportunity to try a new sexual experience and sensation.
  • Unique sensations. Sounding will feel like nothing that you’ve ever felt before, and thus will provide you with new sensations and experiences.
  • The chance for stronger orgasms. Urethral sounds can actually help produce much stronger orgasms than you’ve felt before.
  • The direct stimulation of the prostate. Urethral sounding provides you with the opportunity to stimulate your prostate.
  • Builds intimacy between couples. There’s very few things more intimate than putting a sexual aide down someone’s urethra, and as such it’s a great activity for couples.

A Great Feeling

There is no doubt that urethral sounding produces some amazing sensations and feelings and this is probably one of the main benefits of using urethral sounds. They can feel amazing, plain and simple. Some people really enjoy the sensations of vibrators and prostate massagersd and others might like a more simple stimulation. Urethral stimulation can sometimes feel much more intense than using a vibrator. There are a lot of men out there that make the claim that this is one of their most favourite forms of stimulation, and that the idea of being stimulated from the inside out feels absolutely amazing when you combine that with masturbation. It makes sense in a way, when you’re stimulating multiple parts of the body at the same time. We have already established that masturbation feels great, and we have recently learned in this website that the inside of the urethra is made of the same fleshy material as what makes up the labia minora, a part of the body which is also pleasurable to stimulate.

Being stimulated in this way, both inside and out, can be a fantastic and unique sensation. It’s therefore hardly surprising in the slightest that there are a lot of men who like to engage in this kind of sexual activity. They use it to bring forth a new and unique sensation to their sexual experience. Keeping in mind that, like masturbation and sex, urethral stimulation takes time and practice to develop the skills needed to get the most sensation out of the activity. The first few times might be a little awkward, but once you have become used to the new sensory imagery and the sensation then it’s going to be an amazing ride. There are even some men out there, when you look at the forums on urethral stimulation, who make the claim that sounding can be an addictive activity and that once you have learned how to do it, and how to do it properly, then it can become very difficult to stop. I like to think of this as a little grandiose because many people make the same claim about masturbation, when you find something new that stimulates you, you do want to try it out all the time and you will endeavour to feel the sensations it brings as often and frequently as you can. There’s a new awareness as to the particular activity or maybe an object such as an art form or a game, which bring renewed awareness and truly help with the illumination of the mind. There’s nothing wrong with labelling it as an addictive kind of activity, but you need to be aware that you need to take such phrasing with a grain of salt.

There are a bunch of urethral stimulators out there to match all sorts of intents, purposes and desires and you will inevitably need to choose one that most closely matches your preferences, skill use and what you want to get out of it. As a side note, if you’re a beginner, you’ll be looking at a medium sized shorter and straight sound as they don’t necessarily go in as deep. The more experienced users will often use the curved sounds which are far longer and specifically made for deeper urethral penetration. Each of the sounds will have a distinct and different feel to it, so you need to keep in mind your preferences and desires.

Something New 

If you’re finding that you’re becoming bored to your routine masturbation sessions then the addition of urethra sounding will add a unique experience to that sensation. It’s similar to how people will go out and buy new games, books and even lingerie when the old stuff starts to lose that shine and level of excitement that it used to provide. It’s an excellent way you can spice things up and indeed aside from adding a masturbator and or butt plug to your sexual activities this is one of the best ways that you can improve sexual activity and the sensations that you feel during sexual activity.

It should be noted, and we’re probably going to harp on this for a while but it is important, that you’re going to need some practice and skill to get it just right. The thing is though, that once you have mastered the technique and become accustomed to the awkwardness of the feelings you’re experiencing, you will be in a position to truly experience new ways of pleasuring yourself, or at best having your partner provide you with new ways of pleasure. This is just one of the reasons why urethral sounding is such an ideal activity for adventurous people who are not only seeking new experiences, but also willing to try something which is both new and exciting. The benefit of urethral sounding, unlike something like male chastity for example, it can be practised both when single and when you’re with a partner as well!

There are plenty of people that will have doubts about the use of urethral sounding, and it is understandable. Many men are extremely sensitive about their penises especially when we have been brought up to associate pain with something bad, and in particular when we have discovered that a swift kick to the testicles will induce incredible amounts of pain. For that reason we often associate the level of pain surrounding our genitals to be something that is bad, dangerous and pushing beyond the limits. Which in a way is why so many people enjoy the activity.

Don’t let this fear or cause of concern stop you though. Urethral stimulation, with the exception of stretching doesn’t induce any incredible amounts of pain, and the only “pain” that you will feel is as you’re becoming accustomed to the new sensations and your brain is placed in a position where it needs to make sense of what is happening around it.

If you’re finding yourself to be curious about the sensation, then you should be willing to give something new a chance. This kind of sexual activity and stimulation is specifically recommended for people that want to try new things, push the limits of their bodies and feel that they’re adventurous enough to try something unique and new, renewing a sense of passion and pleasure back into their sexual experiences.

Keep all of this in mind when you’re ready to begin trying sounding. It needs to be remembered that sounding is a very different activity to what you may or may not be used to, and it is a fresh approach to you achieving pleasure and stimulation. In this way, it will often seem a little strange and uncomfortable at first, but again this is the process of the brain trying to become accustomed to the sensation that it is experiencing. On one hand you might discover just how much you love and adore this stimulation, on the other hand you might discover that it’s really not your thing. That’s perfectly okay, at least you’ve tried something new and you’ve realised that it’s not your thing. But don’t deny your body the curiosity of trying something which you might regret, and remember not to dismiss it after one attempt. There are many things in life which takes us two or three attempts to realise that we actually like something, and especially if you’re trying to displace the stigma and the thoughts in your head that putting something down your penis is a bad idea, then it’s certainly going to make more than one attempt for you to move beyond that.

Unique Sensations

Another of the benefits of sounding is the uniqueness of the sensations with which it can provide. In other words, there are no other ways to experience the sensations and feeling which sounding provides. It’s that simple. Whereas with most other body parts there’s a myriad of ways with which you can use to stimulate them, the urethra only has one such form of stimulation. In that regard sounding is a one of a kind experience and because it really has no other comparison or level of stimulation which can be described as being similar, then it’s often very difficult to explain what it is that one feels during this kind of sexual activity. That’s why it’s very important that you try it out for yourself instead of reading a bunch of forums that have been dedicated to penis sounding. Yes, you might found some helpful tips and these are the essential tups that you’re going to need before you start sounding, but in order to truly acknowledge whether or not it’s something that you’re going to like, then you really need to get out there and give it a go.

We will give you a word of advice before you get out there. And that is this; sounding can produce very new sensations so as your brain struggles to process them they may not feel that great and as such you might need some time to grow accustomed to them. When you’re just starting out, you’ll find that the urethra is untrained and things might be a little tight. This means that you cannot begin using the thicker style toys until you have become accustomed to regular ones.

Another of the more interesting sensation is a burning sensation which might occur after use. This is normal, especially when you are a beginner. It simply means that next time your use them that you will need to apply more lubricant and go slowly. The experience will become pleasurable over time.

With all this in mind, it should be noted that urethral sounding should never cause an injuries or other problems. Yes, there is some element of risk within this sexual activity, being in the form of Urinary Tract Infections and injuries/tears to the urethra. To avoid this it is important to follow all guidelines as to the use of urethral toys and to acknowledge all warning signs. Sharp pains, extended discomfort, swelling, blood in the semen or urine and fever are all significant warning signs and medical attention should be sought by your GP as soon as possible. Urethral stimulation is an intense sensation, but it is not something which should cause significant problems.

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