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South Africa's no 1 Sex Toy Shop. Not all toys are created equally, we source the best non -toxic, FDA Approved, Medical Silicon toys for your pleasure and safety.

Adult Luxury Sex Shop’s main focus is to bring high-end luxury Medical Silicon and body-safe adult sex toys to our clients in South Africa. We bring you the biggest collections in men sex toys, women sex toys, sex toys for couples, body massage oils, bedroom bondage, BDSM gear, cock rings, penis pumps, anal sex toys, penis enlargement products, ladies vibrators, the best women's sex toys online and instore, vibrating app couples sex toys, love eggs , pleasure vibrating bullets, prostate massagers, clit stimulators, g spot vibrators and much more!

Our online adult shopping store goal is, to be your ongoing trusted and obvious choice when it comes to selecting your adult products and sex accessories that aim to give you the ultimate in sexual pleasure and satisfaction.

Our sex toys is not just sex toys, but a long term investment. Quility made from materials that aren't harmful to the human body, and that can be thoroughly cleaned.Invest in body safe adult sex toys that will last for years!

To this end we only import name brand sex toys that is trustworthy, body safe sex toys of the highest quality and safety: our clients are assured of the excellence of these internationally accepted adult products and sex toys.

 To ensure perfect quality, our suppliers, the manufacturers and all their products are extremely carefully screened and investigated before being chosen by us. Our company’s primary resources are dedicated to the investigation of international suppliers,  and we ensure that they comply with - and adhere to - our strict selection criteria. Within this crucial framework our evaluation of all suppliers’ products is stringently monitored and we only approve products from suppliers and manufacturers that pass certification on initial product design and intensive physical inspections, and then through quality quantitative assessment.

Apart from the all-important functional aspect of the products, our requirements for manufacturers and suppliers include - but are not limited to – the registration of establishment, accurate listing of devices, manufacturing in accordance with the quality systems regulations, and open medical reporting of any adverse events. The purpose of supplier evaluation is to ensure that our portfolio incorporates the ‘best in class’ products available for use globally. Our dedication ensures that our clients receive the best value for their money and the peace of mind that selected toys are professionally manufactured from body-safe materials and can be used without fear of side-effects or bad experiences.

Our company’s fundamental value incorporates the belief that everyone has a fundamental right to pursue sexual fulfilment. In recognition of that fact, we support the community's sexual growth and exploration by pioneering a sex positive culture, with an emphasis on freedom of expression, health, education, enjoyment, and inclusivity.

Above everything else we believe passionately in keeping our customer's interests and health as the top priority whilst offering the best in personal sex products.

Visit us instore or online 24/7 ☆Next Day Express Delivery available ☆Industry Leaders ☆Discreet packaging ☆Money Back Guarantee ☆Safe Payments

Exotic Heat Master Adult online shopping

Exotic Heat Master

Sale price R 1,289.00 Regular price R 1,889.00
Save R 600
Wand-er Lick-Her from ZONEGASM (Pink) Adult Luxury

Wand-er Lick-Her from ZONEGASM (Pink)

Sale price R 798.00 Regular price R 1,598.00
Save R 800
Dominator Vibrating Dildo (20.5cm x4cm) Adult Luxury South Africa

Dominator Vibrating Dildo (20.5cm x4cm)

Sale price R 590.00 Regular price R 890.00
Save R 300
Exotic Couples Panty Vibe (Pink) Adult Luxury

Exotic Couples Panty Vibe (Pink)

Sale price R 789.00 Regular price R 1,589.00
Save R 800
Bootylicious (Pink) Adult Luxury

Bootylicious (Pink)

Sale price R 499.00 Regular price R 899.00
Save R 400
Thrusting V.I.P Vibrator

Thrusting V.I.P Vibrator

Sale price R 1,379.00 Regular price R 2,379.00
Save R 1,000
4D Rennes Vibrating Male Mastrubation Cup Adult Luxury

4D Rennes Vibrating Male Mastrubation Cup

Sale price R 785.00 Regular price R 1,485.00
Save R 700
Anastasia Couples Remote Vibe ( Blue) Adult Luxury

Anastasia Couples Remote Vibe ( Blue)

Sale price R 495.00 Regular price R 795.00
Save R 300
3 in 1 Rotating Vibrating Anal Butt Plug Adult Luxury

3 in 1 Rotating Vibrating Anal Butt Plug

Sale price R 679.00 Regular price R 1,279.00
Save R 600
Desirous Vebe® Couples Vibrator ( Purple) Adult Luxury

Desirous Vebe® Couples Vibrator ( Purple)

Sale price R 448.00 Regular price R 698.00
Save R 250
Elegance 360° Rotating Vibrating Wand Adult online shopping

Elegance 360° Rotating Vibrating Wand

Regular price R 2,960.00
Sold Out
Le Meilleur Luxury Vibrator Adult online shopping

Le Meilleur Luxury Vibrator

Regular price R 1,348.00
Smooth John  (21cm x 4.7cm) Adult Luxury

Smooth John (21cm x 4.7cm)

Sale price R 489.00 Regular price R 889.00
Save R 400
Sold Out
3D Pro Original Mastrubator Adult online shopping

3D Pro Original Mastrubator

Sale price R 878.00 Regular price R 1,478.00
Save R 600
Foxy G-Spot Vibrator

Foxy G-Spot Vibrator

Sale price R 790.00 Regular price R 1,580.00
Save R 790
Be Naughty Bondage Set Adult Luxury

Be Naughty Bondage Set

Sale price R 475.00 Regular price R 775.00
Save R 300
Gift Card (Choose Amount R500-R5000) Adult Luxury Sex Toys Online Shopping

Gift Card (Choose Amount R500-R5000)

Regular price R 500.00
Mighty Magic Purple Dildo (19.5cm x 3.8cm) Adult online shopping

Mighty Magic Purple Dildo (19.5cm x 3.8cm)

Sale price R 589.00 Regular price R 989.00
Save R 400
product_adult luxury sex toys adult sex shop store.

Magic Finger with Remote Control (Purple)

Sale price R 775.00 Regular price R 975.00
Save R 200
Mr. Satisfyer (Pink) Adult Luxury

Mr. Satisfyer (Pink)

Sale price R 799.00 Regular price R 1,499.00
Save R 700
Purple Erotic Pleasure Dildo (17.5 cm x 3.5 cm) Adult Luxury

Purple Erotic Pleasure Dildo (17.5 cm x 3.5 cm)

Sale price R 495.00 Regular price R 595.00
Save R 100
Rose Gold Exclusive Vibrator Adult Luxury

Rose Gold Exclusive Vibrator

Sale price R 889.00 Regular price R 1,289.00
Save R 400

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