Vibrators For Women

Buy vibrators for women online or in-store. Adult Luxury has the biggest collection of luxury vibrators for her. Body safe ladies vibrators for every mood and size!

Spoil yourself with our luxurious range of vibrators for her. Options range from magic sex wands, rabbit vibrators, pure silicone vibrators, suction vibrators, clit stimilators, usb magnetic charge vibrators, waterproof vibrators, quiet vibrators, app operated vibrators, remote control operated vibrators, phone operating vibrator, Waterproof vibrator, body safe and bendable vibrators and much more!

Our women's vibrators is not just sex toys, but a long term investment. Quility vibrators made from materials that aren't harmful to the human body, and that can be thoroughly cleaned. Invest in body safe adult sex toys for her that will last for years!

We supply high-quality vibrators, uniquely designed for women by women. Plus we offer FREE delivery from Durban, Johannesburg, Cape Town and everywhere in between! 100% Discreet!

Hollywood Vibes Adult Luxury

Hollywood Vibes

Sale price R 795.00 Regular price R 1,595.00
Save R 800
Swing  Rechargeable Rabbit Vibrator Adult Luxury Sex Toys Online Shopping

Swing™ Rotating Rabbit Vibrator

Sale price R 745.00 Regular price R 1,595.00
Save R 850
Secret LoverSilent G-Spot Vibrator Adult Luxury

Secret Lover™Silent G-Spot Vibrator

Sale price R 498.00 Regular price R 798.00
Save R 300
Omnyski Rose Tongue Vibrator Adult Luxury

Luxury🌹Rose Tongue Vibrator

Sale price R 885.00 Regular price R 1,385.00
Save R 500
Ultimate Luxury Rabbit Heating Vibrator Adult online shopping

Ultimate Luxury Rabbit Heating Vibrator 🔥

Sale price R 779.00 Regular price R 1,579.00
Save R 800
Exotic Heat Master Adult online shopping

Exotic Heat Master

Sale price R 1,289.00 Regular price R 1,889.00
Save R 600
Bonnie ® The Quiet Bunny Adult Luxury

Bonnie ® The Quiet Bunny

Sale price R 745.00 Regular price R 1,495.00
Save R 750
Secret Lover™Silent Clit Vibrator

Secret Lover™Silent Clit Vibrator

Sale price R 695.00 Regular price R 895.00
Save R 200
Rose Gold Luxury Contour Adult online shopping

Rose Gold Luxury Contour

Sale price R 499.00 Regular price R 1,099.00
Save R 600
My Secret the Silent Pleasure Air Vibrator Adult Luxury

My Secret ™ Pleasure Air Silent Vibrator

Sale price R 780.00 Regular price R 1,680.00
Save R 900
Lavishness Adult Luxury

Lavishness™ Rotating Trusting Curling Vibrator

Sale price R 1,985.00 Regular price R 2,985.00
Save R 1,000
King Love Warrior®  Adult online shopping

King Love Warrior® 

Sale price R 890.00 Regular price R 1,690.00
Save R 800
Supremacy Silent Rabbit Vibrator Adult Luxury

Supremacy Silent Rabbit Vibrator

Sale price R 1,395.00 Regular price R 2,395.00
Save R 1,000
The Vibe Luxury Heating Wand Adult online shopping

The Vibe Luxury Heating Wand🔥

Sale price R 1,298.00 Regular price R 1,698.00
Save R 400
Dixi™ Heating Clitoral Silent Rabbit Vibrator

Dixi™ Heating Clitoral Silent Rabbit Vibrator

Regular price R 1,475.00
Exotic Couples Panty Vibe (Pink) Adult Luxury

Exotic Couples Panty Vibe (Pink)

Sale price R 789.00 Regular price R 1,589.00
Save R 800
IJOY Remote Control Vibrating Panties Adult Luxury South Africa

IJOY Remote Control Vibrating Panties

Sale price R 799.00 Regular price R 895.00
Save R 96
Rose Gold Luxury: Blissful Adult online shopping

Rose Gold Luxury: Blissful

Sale price R 645.00 Regular price R 1,295.00
Save R 650
V-Vibe® : Vibrating Panties Vibrator Adult online shopping

V-Vibe® : Vibrating Panties Vibrator

Sale price R 790.00 Regular price R 1,390.00
Save R 600
Wand-er Lick-Her from ZONEGASM (Purple) Adult Luxury

Wand-er Lick-Her from ZONEGASM (Purple)

Regular price R 1,598.00
Premium Luxury Suction Rabbit (Pink) Adult Luxury

Premium Luxury Suction Rabbit (Pink)

Sale price R 950.00 Regular price R 2,050.00
Save R 1,100
Magic Rabbit® Adult Luxury

Magic Rabbit®

Sale price R 1,280.00 Regular price R 2,280.00
Save R 1,000
Sold Out
Venus® Ladies Vibrator Adult online shopping

Venus® Ladies Vibrator

Regular price R 1,395.00
LED Luxury Rabbit Vibrator (Pink) Adult online shopping

LED Luxury Rabbit Vibrator (Pink)

Sale price R 749.00 Regular price R 1,479.00
Save R 730

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