How to wash a waterproof male masturbator properly:

How to wash a waterproof male masturbator properly to use multiple time
If your masturbator has vibrating parts remove them.
Nowadays, many vibrating masturbators are available in the market.
I also have one vibrating masturbator. Well to wash the vibrating masturbator, you need it to remove them all. Unplug all the vibrating parts and ensure the water won’t be getting near them.
But here, the way I explaining is not good to wash with plug vibrator in masturbator. So unplug all the vibrating parts.
You can also check your masturbator is waterproof or not. It was written on the instruction letter or package. If it is written like waterproof specification, then you can wash it directly. If there is nothing written on it about the waterproof property, then you should assume it is not waterproof. Believe me, if it was waterproof, manufacture surely mention it on the package to attract more user.
Rinse in the water
First, let rinse the whole masturbator with water. Pour the water throughout the entrance of the masturbator to the inside. Push your both hand’s thumb into the hole of masturbator and spread the opening widely. Allow high pressure of water inside the hole. The overflow of water removes the inside semen and lubricant with dust particles. Firmly used your finger to clean the inside wall of the masturbator.
Do not insert tap faucet directly into the hole of masturbator. It will damage the masturbator.
Turning over the masturbator for deep cleaning

Masturbator has a complex structure from the inside. If you flip the masturbator, it was easy for you to clean the masturbator more deeply.
Well, the penetrative masturbators don’t need to be flip. They can wash off properly with water and firm use of fingers. Because water can pass through it easily. But you need to flip the non-penetrative masturbator. Hold the entrance of masturbator with both thumbs and use your fingers to push it inside. Hence your masturbator flips.

Use some soap

Once you rinse out the masturbator, you can use soap for deep cleaning. Make sure to use anti-bacterial soap or hand wash. It works as a cleaning agent and gives better hygienic wash. Apply some drop of hand wash or soap over the masturbator and inside the masturbator. Scrub the soap. Use some drop of water, it makes foams better. Foaming makes the process easy.
Do a proper scrubbing to the masturbator’s bumps, ridges and lines. It is okay to thrust with your finger over the bumps. But you need to be careful with your nails.
While washing, If you required more foam or soap. Use it and clean it.
I used antibacterial soap to wash the masturbator and fleshlight sleeves. It is easily available at shops. You can go with this cleaner.
Wash off
Pour water thoroughly masturbator from the inside and outside. Wash it until the foam and slipperiness of soap does not disappear. When you feel masturbator get clean and cut off the running water.

Turning back and Wiped out

Now, time to turn it back at the original structure. Flip it back in the same way. Hold the entrance wall with thumb and push another end with fingers.
When washing is over, wiped out process begins. It is one of an important part of washing. It is difficult to wipe off the masturbator completely. The towel can absorb the extra moisture from the masturbator. I used kitchen paper to wipe off the remaining moisture and inside masturbator. Kitchen paper has a better moisture absorption property.
Cut the kitchen paper in two half. Roll one half of the kitchen paper piece in the longest form. Insert this rolled kitchen paper inside the hole of masturbator. If you push the back of masturbator with another hand, you can absorb the moisture to the deep.

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