This Is Exactly What Men Notice… When You’re Naked

You know men are bad at multitasking, so don’t bother asking him what he’s thinking when he’s actually having sex. Let Women’s Health’s Guy Next Door tell you instead. Here, everything men are thinking before, during and after sex.
What he’s thinking… Before
To us you’re the Venus de Milo, except better: you’ve got arms. We’re praising the tokoloshe and our lucky rabbit’s foot as we realise it really is about to happen. The truth is, he’s imagined you naked right from the first time he met you (we all do) and now speculation’s no longer necessary. And even though this is probably not his first rodeo, a first time is always exciting. But as much as he’s appreciating the way you look and feel right now, his main focus is on how he performs. It’s an ego thing. He’s like a prize Labrador wanting to please you and get invited back for another biscuit and tickle.
Even if he couldn’t navigate himself out of a La Senza store, he’s evaluating your choice of knickers.

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