Top Selling Women Intamacy Sex Toys And How To Use Them.

Best Sex Toys for All Women & Genders and How to Use Them.

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Rabbit Vibrators

What They Do:
What is rabbit-vibrators you ask? Best known for being featured on Sex and the City, the rabbit vibrator penetrates the vagina while fluttering on one’s clitoris. This allows both areas to be aroused at once. They include a variety of speeds and settings or can thrust.

How to Use Them:
Set the vibrations to your optimal enjoyment level, movements and pace, working your way up. Pulse the dildo end inside you, and the rabbit ears outside agains your clitoris until you are at your perfect, most pleasurable rhythm.

Top three selling Rabit Vibrators : 

1: Ultimate Luxury Rabit Heating Vibrator ( Click here for more info)

Rabbit heating Vibrator for ladies

2: Enchanting® The Super quiet Vibrator ( Click here for more info)

Enchanting® The Super quiet Vibrator for women

3: Swing ™ Rechargeable Rabbit Vibrator (Click here for more info)

Swing ™ Rechargeable Rabbit Vibrator for women

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Best G-spot Vibrators To Give You The Orgasm You Deserve

G-spot vibrators sound precisely like what they are: Vibes specifically designed to stimulate your G-spot. But what is the G-spot, and what makes a G-spot vibe different from all the other options on the market? There’s still a lot of debate over whether or not the G-spot exists (and whether you can orgasm solely from penetrations and G-spot stimulation), but let’s take things one step at a time.

What is the G-spot?

The definition of the G-spot is, well, complicated. Also known as the Gräfenberg spot (named after German-Jewish gynecologist Ernst Gräfenberg, who was one of the early pioneers of sexual health back in the 1920s), the G-spot is typically “found” when making the “come hither” motion with your forefinger curling inward while penetrating the vagina or vulva. It’s hard to say precisely where the G-spot is located, since all vaginal canals are different, and it’s not officially part of a vagina owner’s anatomic structure.
However! Some people find that when that area is stimulated enough, either with a finger, a toy, or a penis, they can achieve an orgasm. It’s all about experimentation and personal preference, which is why many vagina owners like to have a G-spot vibrator handy for when hands just aren’t enough.

What makes a G-spot vibrator different from other vibrators?

A G-spot vibrator is generally a long, wandlike toy that features a slightly curved, sometimes bulbous tip that’s meant to hit the elusive spot. It’s meant for penetration, but typically it’s not super deep (compared to, say, dildos, which usually provide more length and depth). Lastly, unlike a wand, clitoral, or rabbit vibrator, many G-spot vibes don’t offer clit stimulation (although if you know you need dual stimulation, you can find a G-spot vibrator that gives both your G-spot and your clit some love).

While there are women who can climax from just G-spot stimulation, only a very small percentage of women say they orgasm most reliably from vaginal stimulation alone, and the rest most reliably orgasm from either clitoral stimulation or combining clitoral and vaginal stimulation. Given this, we recommend purchasing G-spot vibrators that also stimulate the clitoris. Then, subsequently, if the person finds that they don’t need or like the accompanying clitoral stimulation, they could then just try a G-spot vibrator.

Whether you prefer dual stimulation, or are looking for a classic design that puts the G-spot front and center, here are the best G-spot vibes for your needs.

Rose Gold Luxury Contour

Rose Gold Luxury Contour

Rose Gold Contour luxury vibrator from Luxury Vibes is made out of premium medical grade silicon, an FDA approved material. It has an ergonomic design with CE safety certification and RoHS authentication.

The Rose Gold Contour vibrator is a luxury sex toy for women. Prepare to be amazed and to surrender to wave upon wave of intense sensations, The super smooth Rose Gold Contour luxury vibe is a powerful multi-speed adult toy that is perfect for intense G-Spot stimulation.

The firm, curvy, super soft skin-like vibe is also great for teasing and tantalizing sensitive hot spots all over the body.

The Rose Gold Contour luxury vibrator moves smooth and seamlessly; enjoy playtime with its ergonomic curved body.

With its sensuous and voluptuous form and its cheeky, beckoning ‘come-hither’ motion, the Rose Gold Contour luxury vibe not only takes you to the absolute limits of pleasure, but pushes you right over the edge to a whole new world of ecstasy. All of this in a sleek, Premium Medical Grade silicone design that is both rechargeable and waterproof, with 9 vibration settings that will leave you gasping for more. Click here to shop.

Instinct® Tongue Bendable Sucking Vibrator/ Couples

Instinct® Tongue Bendable Sucking Vibrator/ Couples

Instinct® Smart Double Sided Bendable Pleasure Air Tongue Vibrator For Couples And Women To Enjoy Solo.

⭐Double Sided ⭐ Suction⭐Vibration⭐ Tongue Licker⭐ Bendable

Click here to watch a video on the Instinct® Vibrator

Instinct® to fit your body. Double Sided Vibrator For Clit & G- Spot Stimilating For Her, Or For Couples To Enjoy Together.

Made buy women for women. Reach, excite and discover erogenous zones you never knew existed.

The Sucking Tongue Vibrator- Instinct has a bendable shape that conforms to the body/any body shape and is essentially two sex toys for the price of one—a clit stimulator, G-spot seeker, a futuristic sexy designed shape that targets multiple erogenous zones at the same time. 

You can bend it and put one side in your G- Spot with and the other end with the tongue licking and suction part against your clitoris while he penetrates you. Both partners can enjoy the vibes, and for her this will be the ultimate pleasure.

With nine powerful vibration intensities and 9 different sucking and tongue licking technology settings this vibe gives you the optimal stimulation where you need it most. The double sided vibrator Instinct is basically the ideal addition to both foreplay and intercourse with a partner, as well as for solo time. 

Double Sided Pleasure Air Vibrator- Instinct® is made from premium body-safe silicone, 100% waterproof and easy to clean. Click here to shop.

Paradise: Miami

Paradise: Miami vibrator for women

Paradise: Miami: G-Spot Vibrator

Sculpted from silky-smooth silicone and blessed with beautiful curves, this shapely vibe is designed to caress your G-spot and stir up sensations from deep within. Sleek and streamlined, its satisfying body makes it a great choice for internal toy lovers.

The firm crescent curve and bulbous tip ensures rigorous G-spot stimulation, while the 9 vibration speeds and 9 patterns keep things interesting so you can cycle through the settings as you hurtle to orgasm.

The vibe was designed with a super sleek comfortable handle to make holding it easy. It comes equipt with fast USB magnetic charge and is waterproof to make travel and cleaning easy.

Coat the vibrator with water-based lubricant from Adult Luxury before use to ease. Click here to shop.

King Love Warrior® 

King Love Warrior® vibrator gspotTired of super small vibes or regular-sized sex toys that don’t give you enough pleasure? Want to upgrade your orgasms and your toys to something bigger and better?


  • Vibrates
  • Thrusting Function
  • Rotates
  • Portable sex machine 


The King Love Warrior®  vibrating 360 dildo is among the top two favourite larger ultra-realistic dildo vibrators for women. If you're seeking a premium big dildo that feels like real skin, stop your search and pick this one now. 

This velvet-touch vibrator has a strong internal motor that powers 7 speeds externally alongside the 3 speed rotation of the shaft, for simultaneous stimulation that could end in jaw-clenching blended orgasms. 

Grasp the shaft in your hand for the immediate impression of quality. A seductive silken exterior covers a slightly firmer core; this dual density construction accurately imitates a living booty-call buddy. He is a ‘no strings attached’ fantasy sex partner ready to play when you are. Tuck away and feel the warmth and softness of a real man's erection - only thicker. It feels like silk when stroked and warms up quickly when used.

Contoured to give gentle-but-gratifying internal massages, the Love Warrior large ultra-realistic dildo silicone shaft curves slightly at the tip so it's perfectly poised to stimulate your G-spot. You can use the base to press against the clitoris for dual sensations.

Discover the exhilarating selection of 7 speeds and patterns by clicking the '+' and '-' back-lit buttons to cycle through them until you find a setting or combination that takes you all the way. Choose from rapid back and forth rotation or slow and sensual motions, and indulge in its incredibly realistic movement. 

Fully rechargeable with a USB charging point, you never have to worry about running out of batteries with this beauty. The silicone is waterproof so you can safely use it in the bath or shower for varied exploration. Click here to shop.

The Rose Queen

Rose g spot clitoral stimulation vibrator sex toy

The Rose Queen is an upgrade sex toy that offers you a 2 in 1 sex toy that will stimulate your G- Spot and clitoris in ways you could have only dreamed about.

We are very confident that the quality of our products is better than those of any other sex toy stores. And that this toy will last you for years. Our rose toys are very popular on The invention of the Rose Queen toy from the creativity and feedback of our more than 100,000+ users. 

double pleasure

Advantages of Rose Queen

2 in 1 Clitoral sucking & vibration dual stimulation: One toy that will let you experience the pleasure of multiple toys at the same time. It can be used as a vibrating dildo or a rose sucking vibrator on your clitoris.

Clitoral sucking rose vibrator : When the clitoral vibrator surrounds your clitoris or nipples, you can feel the unique rose-shaped suction all the way to orgasm heaven.

The smaller rose petals can stimulate more accurately to the clitoris and g-spot, with a more intense suction that's focused! Enjoy 5 different suction modes, each mode can bring you a different sense of excitement and pleasure.

Vaginal dildo vibrator: The other end of the toy can be used as a vaginal vibrating dildo. It is made of non-toxic 100% body safe silicone. It is very soft and smooth.

 It will stimulate your g-spot with 10 different vibrating modes to choose from.

more pleasure

Waterproof: Have fun in the showe or bath! 

Easy to clean: Because it's waterproof it's easy to clean under a tap. Wash with toy cleaner from Adult Luxury to keep your vibe in top shape and hygienic.

USB rechargeable : It comes with a USB cord that makes it easy to charge in your phone charger, laptop or any other USB port.

Rose toy |Rose queenrose queen | rose toy PRO

Use alone or with your partner, for the ultimate power play dynamic. Click here to shop 


Secret Lover™Silent G-Spot Vibrator

Secret Lover™Silent G-Spot VibratorThe Secret Lover™Silent G-Spot Vibrator Is made out from 100% soft body safe silicone and is slightly curved to give you vibrations directly on the G-Spot. The rounded, enlarged head has g-spot caressing capabilities and will transmit the 9 thrilling modes of vibration to bring you to orgasmic bliss within minutes.

Delight as the easy to operate panel let you change settings when you explore the 9 different modes of vibration, all from an easy built-in push button at the bottom of the toy. It comes with a USB charging cord and a travel savety.

Use with water-based lube for maximum pleasure and comfort.

The Secret Lover™Silent G-Spot Vibrator can also be used as a anal vibrator due to its ability to bend, soft body and slight curved design. Click here to shop.

Bendit Obsessions Remote Control Vibrator

Bendit Obsessions Remote Control Vibrator


This Smart Bendable Vibrator Is a ‘Sex Toy Like No Other’

The Bendit Obsessions is a bendable shape that conforms to the body and is essentially five sex toys for the price of one—a clit stimulator, G-spot seeker, couples sex toy, penis pleaser, and combination shape that targets multiple erogenous zones at the same time, you choose what you are in the mood for!

With powerful motors the toy vibrates in full length both sides for multiple stimulation points and has different vibrating modes and patterns to choose from.

It also comes with a remote control, for couples to enjoy or for a solo session to make things more comfortable.

The Bendit Obsessions, is basically the ideal addition to both foreplay and intercourse with a partner, as well as for solo time. The inspiration for the innovative design is the human finger but bigger ( longer and thicker) to be more satisfying—the original sex toy for most of us and something intuitive to use in an endless combination of ways. Click here to shop.

Best Selling Dildos:

Mr.Dream Thrusting Dildo Vibrator

Mr.Dream Thrusting Dildo Vibrator

Thrusting vibrators create a sensation unlike any other sex toy. Massaging your deepest erogenous zones with ease, a thrusting dildo does all the hard work, so you don't have to!

Satisfy your deep drill pounding fantasies with this remote control sex machine from Adult Luxury. Boasting 7 vibration patterns and 7 thrusting patterns with the added stimulation of a warming material ( heats up with your body heat), there's sure to be a setting to satisfy you.

Attach the suction cup to the surface of your choice 

Use the push buttons on the remote to turn on the dildo, the vibration, or the thrusting. Cycle through the vibration and thrusting options by pressing the buttons on the remote control.

Always coat the dildo with water-based lube for the most pleasurable experience.

  • Portable thrusting sex machine with remote control for endless hands-free pleasure
  • Gently curved dildo with ribbing for sublime sensation and G-spot-seeking satisfaction
  • Warms with body heat, lifelike internal heat
  • Vibration function adds stimulation to the experience
  • IPX4 Water Resistance
  • Use the wireless remote to control the action
  • USB rechargeable for use anywhere in the world
Click here to shop Mr.Dream

Best Selling Sex Massage Wand Vibrators

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The Magic Wand quickly gained a cult following in the early 1970s for the off-label use as one of the best vibrators for clitoral stimulation.

Magic sex wand vibrators that’ll add some orgasm MAGIC to your life:

Top Selling Massage Sex Wands:

The Vibe Luxury Heating Wand🔥The Vibe Luxury Heating massage sex Wand

The Vibe Luxury Heating Wand elevates the pleasures of a sex wand massager to a multidimensional erotic stimilation orgasm machine.

In addition to the 9 vibrating and pulsating massage patterns designed to optimally excite, the silicone Vibe Heating Wand features a gentle warming effect that slowly heats the silicone wand head to a pleasurable, body-safe temperature.

The Vibe Heating Wand can be used with the warming and vibrating modes enabled together or one at a time.

The Vibe Heating Wand this boasts extra-powerful settings (which is the entire point of getting a wand, honestly)

If you're looking for power in your sex toys, then you won't do better than a trusty sex wand massager from Adult Luxury. Click here to shop


Rose Gold Premiun Massage WandRose Gold Premiun Massage Wand

The award winning stylish Rose Gold Premiun Massage Wand offers 10 vibration settings with variable intensities, alongside a smooth silicone body and easy-to-use interface. Enjoy up to 4 hours of glorious massage on a single charge.

Cordless, whisper-quiet and IPX5 waterproof for enjoyment anywhere you wish, the Rose Glod Premiun Wand's powerful vibration settings offer incredible all-over body massages and intense intimate pleasure.

Explore each of the individually adjustable vibration settings via the ergonomic interface, using the plus and minus buttons to switch between intensities.

For solo players or couples to enjoy together. One thing is undisputable under our buyers that purchased this spesfic magic sex wand: This sex massage wand gives you a clit orgasm like no other sex toy can! Click here to shop


Zelus Magic Multifunction Sex Wand


More powerful than any other wand massager on the market, Zelus🌪️ cordless magic vibrator is perfect for deeply satisfying all-over body massage, bringing soothing spa-level relaxation straight into home. Nothing delivers clitoral stimulation & full body massages quite like Zelus🌪️ ultra-powerful vibrator. Click here for more information

Wand-er Lick-Her from ZONEGASM

Wand-er Lick-Her from ZONEGASM


 One of the latest and most exotic toys on the market, Adult Luxury is proud to present our clients with the opportunity to ad the the new Wand-er Lick-Her from ZONEGASM to their toy box.


Compared to most of the other vibrators we have, this one is the most unique. Plus, unlike the previous older models, there is no actual tongue to speak of here… not even a little one. What we do have, however, is a stimulating “egg”, surrounded by dozens of vibrating little nubs, to enhance your masturbatory experience and push it to the next level.


Together, these design features are meant to provide you with a realistic, authentic sensation of having your pussy licked by an eager and willing tongue… and the good news is that you can “lick” yourself at 9 different speeds. Who said masturbation is sad and lonely?

You don’t even have to limit yourself to using it on your clit, you can enjoy it on your nipples, or you can use it on your partner’s balls or taint, you can engage in some assplay, etc.

  • COMFORTABLE MEDICAL GRADE SILICONE - This one of a kind tongue vibrator is made from easy to clean, hypoallergenic, body-safe silicone that feels soft against your skin and most sensitive areas.
  • ERGONOMIC DESIGN - The ergonomic design comfortably fits in your hands and massages your body’s gentle curves. The cup-shaped tip surrounds your clitoris, increasing arousal until you reach a very intense climax.
  • POWERFUL TUNGSTEN STEEL MOTOR - The motor is both powerful and quiet. It runs at a low volume below 40dB and reaches an impressive 7500 rpm. It delivers intense vibrations with every touch as it gives you an intensely stimulating massage.
  • INTENSE TONGUE-LIKE FLICKING - Giving the lifelike feeling of a tongue, the cup shaped tip rubs and massages your clit with its many flexible nubs on your most sensitive areas; giving you lasting and intense pleasure.
  • MULTIPLE VIBRATION MODES - Let your fantasies run wild as you explore all of the 9 unique vibration modes to experience intense pleasure and satisfaction.


MATRIX NUO AI® Magic Sex Wand

MATRIX NUO AI® Magic Sex WandMatrix USB Vibrating Luxury Sex Wand:

Designed to massage your body and bring you to orgasmic bliss in seconds, Matrix USB rechargeable wand vibrator boasts 10 intense modes of vibration you can use where you wish. The ergonomic design helps it glide across the contours of your body for sublime massages.

A large bulbous head emits the intense vibration modes created by the toy's powerful motor and feels super smooth as its glides across the body.

The easy to hold handle and flexible neck means it's easier to massage not only the whole body, but your and your partner's most intimate parts.

Use with water-based lubricant to enjoy the best sensations.

No tricks here. Mantrix Magic Wand Sex Toys combine simple, straightforward packaging with unbelievable quality for intense sensations without compromise. Click here to shop.


Vibrating Panties

What They Do:
A very specific kind of hands-free vibrator, these pulsing panties make putting on your underwear as pleasurable as taking them off.

How to Use Them: 
Usually vibrating panties have to be within a certain distance from the remote or smartphone turning them on. However, there are a few different variations with different parameters. Less high-tech panties just offer a compartment for a removable bullet vibrator. You must directly stroke the vibrator to turn it on and off. Other have built-in vibrators with a cord that connects the remote to the underwear. Wireless panties are operated remotely. Depending on how far the remote can be from the panties, your companion can turn on as a surprise throughout the day.

Top selling panty vibrator for 2022:

V-Vibe : Vibrating Panties Vibrator (Click here for more info)

Best panty Vibrator 2020

Top selling bullet panty vibrator :

Remote Controlled Vibrating Panties With Bullet (Click here for more info)

Bullet vibrating remote control panties

Finger Vibrators

What They Do: 
Usually rubbery (or ridged) pads you place over your fingertips, these temptations turn your hands into vibrators, each finger a dildo. Usually, they are composed of an adjustable ring with a pad that provides pleasure. The bigger the bullet, the more intense the sensations they’ll bring.

How to Use Them:
Strap these trembling toys onto your fingers. They will likely need lubricant — many finger vibrators are textured and can feel harsh when used raw against a clitoris or other sensitive areas. Trace the vibrators over nipples, hips, inner thighs, and backside to tease your partner before applying it in more delicate areas. Feel free to adjust where it perches on your finger — the further down it rests, the more control you will have.

Best selling finger vibrators :

Tantaliser® Finger Vibe (Click here for more info)

Finger Vibrator O Max ( Click here for more info)

Finger vibrator sex toys for couples


Double Ended Dildos

What They Do:
These double ended dildos enter two partners at once. Often these toys vibrate, adding extra indulgence.

How to Use Them:
These can be used between two people, where one inserts the small sculpted end inside them and penetrates their partner with the base. Normal sex positions and moves should work fine, but you may need more lube! For solo play, bend the ends so it penetrates you in two places at once.

Best selling double dildo :

Flexi Double Dildo Rotating Vibrator

Double ended dildo for her

Hands-Free Vibrators

What They Do: 
These mechanical playthings help you rub out one out without a lot of work. A hands-free vibrator sits on top of a clitoris, or another tender area, usually with appendages that keep it secure. Some also have penetrative arms. You can control the oscillations through a remote or even an app on your phone (don’t let your mother use it to make a quick call.)

How to Use Them:
Lay face up as you insert the toy. Avoid clenching your legs, it will cause the vibrator to fall out. Establish the precise settings you crave, or let your partner (especially if they are out of town) control the cadence for you. Lay back, and let it do the work! 

Top Hands- Free Vibrator : 

Thrusting V.I.P. Vibrator ( Click here for more info)

Hands free dildo sex machine

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