Gold Jewel Plated Stainless Steel Plug

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Oh, these balls can definitely do magic! Experience a night you’ll never forget when these balls of glory hit every erogenous spot inside the anus. Our Gold Jewel Plated Plug with 5 balls Stainless steel doubles up as an anal bead and a butt plug. Get twice the satisfaction in one exquisite package.

The Gold Jewel-plated with 5 balls Stainless steel plug features five beads attached together in a series, a short handle and a flat, circular base. The beads gradually increase in size to provide further sexual stimulation and easier insertion. The flat flared base serves as an anchor to prevent the plug from getting stuck deep inside the anus.

This magnificent plug is made from stainless steel. This material is heavier than the others normally associated with plugs; its weight gives further stimulation. It is also stiff, rigid and not flexible. (Extreme caution and precision should be exercised whilst inserting the plug into the anus. The anal canal is delicate and sensitive because it is packed with high-concentration of nerve-endings.)

Inserting the plug inside the anus should not be forced and rushed. A little mishap can result in trauma and perforation. To aid in a hassle-free insertion, apply a lavish amount of lubricant on the device and to your anus. Any type of lube will do. Circle the anus with a finger then slowly insert one finger. As much as possible, try to stretch the rectal muscles with your finger. Once comfortable, gently shove the plug inside.

Try to manoeuvre the plug slowly in and out of your anus. You can also thrust the device in and out at varying speed. You are in control of your orgasm. The answer to how soon will you achieve that much-coveted release is in your hands. (Literally!)

Clean the device with warm water and mild, anti-bacterial soap. Wipe it dry and store in a cool, dry place.

The hunt for the perfect anal bead ends here.What is so good about sticking a butt plug in, anyway? Just imagine: the chilling sensation of the cold, hard, stiff, and solid material entering you; your tight anus swallowing the shape of the plug, still going until it touches the base of the handle; the feeling of having a full load on your behind; the pleasure of a sexual desire coming true; the constant reminder of being a slave to your own sex toy when you start to feel the heftiness and weight of the firm trinket. With or without a partner, you can freely and wilfully give yourself up to satisfy your gratification needs. Who knew that it would only take a single toy to achieve all of that?

Metal and steel butt plugs are a modern day favourite in the kink community, and what's not to love? We've fully explained the feeling of having a metal and steel butt plug inside you, but let's go through them one by one.

The material. We made sure that all of our metal and stainless steel butt plugs are made from only the best quality.

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Ultimately, the best thing about Gold Jewel Plated Stainless Steel Plug is that it allows you to experiment and see what works best for you. And this is one toy you’ll be eager to work with again and again (and again).

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