Zylo Euphoria Pro 3 in 1 Clitoral Sucking Vibrator

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Product description

Rose vibrator

Angel of Love

The 4 in 1 vaginal vibrator has a variety of ways to play, which can stimulate your clitoriss, nipples, anus and other sensitive parts, while the dildo gives you the desire for oral sex. Stimulators can not only release the sexuall desire of singles, but also enhance the relationship between partners. The wonderful life starts with it, and you deserve to have it.

Adult sex toy sucking massager

5 x 10 Powerful Modes

This vibrator has 5 different sucking, tongue licking and flapping modes, and 10 vibration modes. The massager is designed according to the sensitivity of most of the human body, our goal is to allow more people to enjoy such wonderful sex and passion. Please choose the appropriate mode to use according to your own situation. Please enjoy life.

sucking licking flapping vibrating

Multifunctional Vibrator Brings You Real Sex

The clitoral vibrator has the functions of sucking, tongue licking, vibrating and flapping, stimulating the clitoriss, nipples, anus and other sensitive parts in all directions, giving you a dreamlike feeling. All functions can be used at the same time or separately. Realistic dildo can bring you the pleasure of oral sex, increase the sentiment of sex, and give you the most real sex

Elegant and noble unique love rose dildo vibrator

Elegant and Noble Unique Design

The elegant purple of the clitoral vibrator gives people a sense of visual nobility and mystery. It is a pursuit of beautiful things and a blessing of luck. The 4 in 1 U-shaped design of the massager can accurately stimulate the clitoriss and G spot, enjoy life, and have happiness.


rose sucking licking vibrator

USB Magnetic Charging

The sucking vibrator comes with a charging cable, which can last for 60 minutes after charging for 2 hours, allowing you to have a continuous climax.


love of angel for women for sucking

Exquisite Gifts for Lovers

This vibrator is beautifully designed and packaged by Banenu. It is definitely a big surprise to give it as a gift to your lover.


Wearable tapping silicone massager

100% Waterproof

The 100% waterproof design of this clitoral vibrator is easy to clean and use, adding more underwater entertainment to you, bringing you unlimited comfort, and worthy of your trust and possession.


Features & details

  • 4 in1 Multi-function Vibrator - The sucking and tongue licking of the clitoral vibrator stimulates the clit and nipples to your climax. The realistic dildo massager can be inserted into your vagina or anal, with the passionate slapping and vibrating, all parts of your body enjoy the pleasure of sex. This 4 in 1 design toy brings you the real orgasm.
  • 5 x 10 Powerful Modes - The dildo vibrator has 5 different sucking, licking and flapping modes, and 10 vibration modes to meet the needs of different people. Click the button to choose the mode that suits you the best, allowing you to reach big O quickly. The vagina vibrator can not only fully satisfy the sexual desire of singles, but also enhance the relationship between couples.
  • Elegant Ergonomic Perfect Design - The elegant purple of the clitoris vibrator gives people visual nobility and mystery, this is the desire for love. The U-shaped design of the massager can accurately stimulate the clitoris and G spot. The realistic dildo stimulates inner desires. The sucking, flapping and vibration functions of this vibrator can be used together or used separately. No matter psychological or physical, you get is a real sex.
  • Waterproof & USB Magnetic Charging - The massager has a USB magnetic charging port design, with a charging cable, it adapts to various chargers. The vibrator can provide about 60 minutes of pleasure after being fully charged, bring you to continuous orgasm. The stimulator adopts a waterproof design to increase gameplay and fun, and it is easy to clean and use.
  • Secret Delivery - Banenu uses the private packaging of this product, and Amazon also delivers it in a confidential manner to eliminate your embarrassment and ensure absolute privacy. We are committed to providing you with satisfactory customer service. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.



Zylo Euphoria Pro 4 in 1 Clitoral Sucking Vibrator can arouse your desire of sex!

This dildo shaped vibrator have tongue clit modes, pulsating modes and 10 strong vibration modes. Give you clitoral, g spot, anus, vagina and breast strong simulation.

Not only a clitoral vibrator, but to any sensitive parts, or use it to flirt with your partner during foreplay.

Why Choose this Clitoris Stimulator?

  1. Tongue licking functions: give you real oral sex feelings. Different with other clitoral sucking vibrators, this one can be inserted, it can be used as a vibrating dildo.
  2. Includes 5 pulsating stimulation modes, different feelings then other g-spot vibrators.
  3. 10 strong vibrations, choose one which you like. Simply place the hole over your clitoris and activate the vibrator.

Multifunctional Vibrator

  1. 100% Body-safe silicone, easy to clean
  2. No limited fun time with the magnetic charging.
  3. A perfect gift to the one you love with discreet package.

Elegant Design

Elegant appearance design & silicone material, this vibrator will bring full satisfying orgasms.

This Zylo Euphoria Pro 3 in 1 Clitoral Sucking Vibrator 3 in 1 clitoral sucking vibrator is a U-shaped vibrator, half of the vibrator is designed for penetration and the other half of it is designed for clitoral stimulation. This clitoral sucking vibrator has 5 different pulsation and suction patterns and 10 different vibration speeds, and the unique inhalation vibrator surrounds your clitoris for intense stimulation.

This clitoral sucker is made of super-soft, silky smooth, body-friendly silicone, no need to wear a condom, this sex health care product is not only good to touch, warm, and low noise. The noise is less than 60DB, so there’s no noise disturbs your greatest pleasure, whether at home or on other occasions, you can enjoy sexual pleasure without restriction.

Buying a U-shaped clitoral sucking vibrator means that you will have both a vibrator and a clitoral sucker. The scoop-shaped suction cup concentrates the pressure wave on your clitoris, making you feel like someone is blowing on it! This green vibrator will provide explosive pleasure and make you more when you come back.

Using a USB cable, 90 minutes of charging time will make the clitoral sucker run continuously for more than 60 minutes. No need to worry about replacing the battery. Waterproof toys, you can enjoy it anytime, anywhere.

Features & details

  • 3 in 1 Clitoral Sucker & Vaginal Pulsating Dildo Vibrator. The vibe is U-shaped, with one half designed for penetration and the other half designed to rest on your clitoris. Clitoris sucking vibrator has 5 different Pulsating and suction patterns and 10 different vibration speeds. The unique clitoral vibrator surrounds your clitoris and aims for intense G spot stimulation.
  • Silicone Material : This vibrating dildo is made of ultra-soft, silky smooth body friendly silicone. It heats up with your body heat for a more lifelike feel.
  • Super Quiet: quiet without noise less than 60DB. Without noise to disturb your deepest pleasure, breaking free from confinement for you to enjoy sexual fun no matter in home or other occasion.
  • Multifunction Suction & Vibrating Machine Sex Toy: Buying this vibrator, means you will have a vibrator and a clitoris stimulator at the same time. The scoop-shaped sucker focuses waves of pressure the pressure on your clit – making it feel like someone blowing-and sucking-on it! Clitoral Stimulator will provide explosive pleasure that will have you coming back for more.
  • USB Rechargeable : With an USB cable, 90 minutes of charge time will run the g spot stimulator for up to 60 more minutes of continuous use. No need worry about to change battery.
  • Waterproof: You can enjoy it anytime anywhere.


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The Zylo Euphoria Pro 3 in 1 Clitoral Sucking Vibrator is a sensational customer favorite, and we hope you like it just as much.

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